Is this legal ? New PC No Restore Disk Or WinXP

  Giggle n' Bits 20:02 10 Apr 2003

Is the following an illegal act or just a con ?.

A new pc with WinXP been purchased and not supplied with any kind of factory restore disk or WinXP CD just a Disk for Harware Drivers.

On contacting the company there reply to if you want a restore CD its another £60

If the customer was not told this before purchase of the computer or offered it at time of sale. I feel this is an ilegal act of some sort.

I am asking this for a friend who is not familiar with the use of this forum.

  rins36 20:41 10 Apr 2003


The only cd that you get with a new computer that has XP installed is Microsoft Works Suite 2002. I did not get any cd's with my new comp, my new comp is HP mx 70, but i guess the same applies to all

Contact the store where u bought the comp from & they should be able to get you the MWS Cd that i mentioned earlier in this post

Check out the posting titled 'New Computer' that was posted by me in the 'Helproom'

Hope this helps

  graham 20:44 10 Apr 2003

I think this has been covered before, but to sum up, the recovery program (not restore, that's an XP facility) is on a partioned section of the hard drive, so it's there if you need it. You can get a CD, but it'll cost.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:20 10 Apr 2003

E.g a Packard Bell machine comes with a Restore Disk/CD to help the process of the Restore if needed.

Same applies for many others.

Ok, I know that there is a partion built in for a factory restore but it will only work if used in conjunction with the manufacturers emrgency restre disk.

Even though win XP has a restre facility built in like Me if you are unable to boot into winXP your not going to get far with no restore CD for the R or to access the custom built in partition of the computers say Pbell settings cab files etc.

The fact that a company wants more money for a restore Disk is outrageous. An when more people see this I think I will have someone to verify and agree with my comments.

anyone from a big name around ?

  A Cat Called George 21:21 10 Apr 2003

If you already have an existing copy of an earlier version of Windows, 98 or Me perhaps, you might be better off paying for an official Windows XP upgrade cd. I had a recovery disk with my pc and found it too limited to be of much use.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:25 10 Apr 2003

See you got a recovery disk, even though it may not have been a decent one you still got one.

But don't you think it is out of order expecting to be told £60 or so for a restore disk even if its just a/the factory restore disk.

I am talking about a OEM manufacturer with a Pre-installed WinXP and no supplied restore disk or WinXP at the best.

I take it the company that you are talking about is Time?

The reason I say this is for two reasons; first, they are known not to supply said Cd and second, if it were not a major supplier then they would not be able to supply such a version of XP at all, quantity being the name of the game in these circumstances.

What they have done is quite legal, just, in my opinion, extremely unfair. You friend would have been able to discover that the actual CD was not supplied at the time of sale.

I beleive you ARE able to restore the PC to the "Factory fresh" settings without it by using the partition , but please correct me if I am wrong.

Also, on a side issue, just because A Cat Called George states that he had a recovery CD does not mean that the other opinions are worthless and that you "...are getting somewhere now".

The company concerned are working in conjucntion with Microsoft and as such would not venture into what you describe as "illegal" territory.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:43 10 Apr 2003

a winXP back to its factory Day one settings if you are unable to boot in to WinXP. ?

Yes its a Time. Well just about.

  Steve27 22:11 10 Apr 2003

I agree with Smiffy99 this is dreadfully unfair if legal, what happens when you want to format your drive completely?

Best response is not to buy from such firms although its sadly too late in this case.

Personally even though my machine (Evesham)came with a restore disk I preferred to buy XP so that I could set it up to my liking but a friend recently bought from Evesham on my recommendation and when I set up the system for him using their CD I could load whatever I wanted including just a bare XP setup.

  Bapou 22:54 10 Apr 2003

Is it legal?, Yes. Fair, No.

Depending who you bought from, the Reload CD is free when you take out the extended warranty.That seems to be the policy of Computer World (Time).

  HasH 23:02 10 Apr 2003

PC world offer rescue disks and cd's with new pc's, the rescue disks are to access the partition and the cd is to restore a partion if you deleted or damaged it. Ive restored one of these pc's for someone and let me tell you it took me 20 minutes on the phone to customer services to restore a partition. I couldnt simply reinstall windows as all the drivers are on the CD and not given seperatly. Thats why i tend to buy from local computer shops and upgrade as needed.

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