Left side of screen missing

  Graham. 10:32 12 Jun 2009

on a friend's PC. Could be a cat has walked on the keyboard. Anything spring to mind?

  Graham. 10:51 12 Jun 2009

She turned off PC using switch on case (couldn't see Start) then turned off at mains. Re-started OK.

The case switch may be set to Standby, so it wasn't re-booting before.

  WolframBlitzen 23:28 14 Jun 2009

Either the screen it's self is knackered or it's set wrong. Allthough I am sure that my cat is possesed and hell-bent on making my computing life difficult by chewing through all the cables behind the pc, most cats don't have the power to damage a computer just by walking on the keyboard.

Try the monitor on another computer and see if it's still acting up

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