Left - Handed Keyboards?

  xphile 10:26 15 May 2005

Does anyone know if I can get a keyboard where the numeric keypad & arrow keys are on the left?

  xphile 10:36 15 May 2005

having done a Google search I know they are available. I should have asked does anyone have one? Is it any good? & if so, where from? Thanks.

  BH34 10:54 15 May 2005
  Joe R 10:59 15 May 2005


you may find this a bit less expensive. ( and looks better )

click here

  Belatucadrus 12:01 15 May 2005

click here same keyboard, but another resource page that may be of interest.

Staples stock a keyboard with a detached keypad.

  xphile 16:05 15 May 2005

Most of the above still have the cursor movement arrows on the right? BH34 that looks expensive, but think I will have look around. Thanks for responses.This search could go on... Will leave unresolved for now. Will post back when checked out a few more. If anyone actually has one though, please post. Ta.

  Diemmess 16:34 15 May 2005

Swopping mouse buttons for the left handed I can understand, but I'm open-mouthed. Never(in my sheltered life) thinking a lefthanded typewriter and now L/H keyboard ever existed.

Was born lefthanded, and made to use my right,(yes that long ago!) Actually I can use either hand for some painting. (House not Portrait)

Still virtually a two-finger-plus-the-occasional-thumb typist, I had assumed that which hand hit which key didn't matter as long as it was the correct key.

  xphile 16:47 15 May 2005

If you read the original post you would see that I just want one where the cursor arrow keys & keypad are on the left. Some games I have I can only use these to move characters etc. & would be easier for ME, if on the left. Thank You for your constructive input.

  Diemmess 17:07 15 May 2005

I understand entirely, just a slow learner!

  xphile 17:59 15 May 2005

Well. Looks like the one BH34 found for just shy of £100 seems to be the only one I could find too. I ain't that desperate for one! I'm off for a game of arrows with my left handed darts!Heh heh! Will mark as resolved tomorrow, if no-one finds any more. Keep your eyes peeled. Thanks.

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