Leaving Virgin broadband ..not so simple after all

  bargain 19:50 15 Sep 2006

Please be aware that Virgin are using the same tactics as everyone else when it comes to making it difficult changing providers, despite their "down to earth" marketing campaign!

When phoning Virgin to start terminating your contract do not just simply ask to have your contract cancelled. Just because they then ask who you will be going to and then they try to rubbish your new provider, they will not start getting the all important MAC code sorted. Because you said to them you want to cancel they treat this as a cancellation and not as a switch!!! And for a cancellation they refuse to issue a MAC code.

You have to tell them explicitly that you want to switch provider instead of asking for a cancellation! These two process' are not linked and in my case they refuse to give me a MAC code unless I take the cancellation back and start all over again with the switching process. No surprise that this would take another 4 weeks and would mean paying for another month!

Of course neither in their T&Cs nor on their website they are revealing this little trick, thus be aware!!!

  gardener 21:12 15 Sep 2006

Thanks for that.I'm with Virgin and I've copied your advice for future reference should I decide to 'cancel'.

  fullyfitted 22:56 15 Sep 2006

bump and thanks for the info

  GRFT 06:57 16 Sep 2006

Thanks for that. I was considering switching to Virgin; having second thoughts now.

  Bingalau 16:08 16 Sep 2006

Bargain. Thanks for that Information. I have no problems with Virgin at the moment but one never knows? So like gardener, I will keep this for the future. Thanks again ..Bingalau..

  Chris the Ancien 17:33 17 Sep 2006

I started off with virgin. And it has a lot of mail server outages! So I'm not too happy. And it does get very s-l-o-w at times.

So, methinks... time to change provider (perhaps the new sky deal when it comes active in my area).

So, this thread is now in my postings to remind me when I make the change!

I also find it reprehensible that ISPs behave like this. If you want to go, they should try their sales (fair enough) and if that doesn't work, release the MAC as soon as possible so that they don't get a bas reputation!

Now... I wonder if anyone at virgin (with responsibilities) reads this forum.

  Chris the Ancien 17:35 17 Sep 2006

An afterthought!

Is there a way that the end user can read the MAC from the 'exchange' like we can between domestic routers and the 'home' computers?

  flycatcher 18:31 17 Sep 2006

What does a Mac Code look like ?

I see that my Computer says that it is :-
D2-B4-6 etc etc.

Any ideas please?

  STREETWORK 18:33 17 Sep 2006

Should not post your MAC...

  1minute 18:46 17 Sep 2006

Never had a problem with Virgin, but thanks for the info.

  flycatcher 18:48 17 Sep 2006

Is it my MAC ? Info not complete or correct but the format is right.

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