Leaving Tiscali due to poor service, where next?

  Totally-braindead 16:20 28 May 2007

Well its the final straw as far as I'm concerned with Tiscali, I'm afraid I'm sick to death of their terrible customer service. I've been unable to connect for two days. They took me round in circles each time I phoned them and 3 different agents, based in India and I couldn't understand them they had to spell things out phonetically to me, three different agents all told me the same thing, after calls lasting between 30 minutes and an hour each. The problem is your computer, theres nothing wrong on our end they said.

Rubbish complete and utter rubbish and the proof that they tell you rubbish? I'm online again after they said they would get engineers to check it.

Even now they still insist its my computer. Now I switched on this morning and I still couldn't connect, computer has been on all day and a phone call from Tiscali, can you try it again, I do and it works, the problem was your computer they still say. Really I say and you managed to fix the fault on my computer from your end, how clever you are.

Sorry about the rant but I'm really quite angry, if they admitted they had a fault it would be one thing but telling me its my PC when it isn't and all the tests prove it wasn't and their advice was to take the PC to an engineer to reinstall windows which would cost a load of money and would clearly not fix the problem has just made my blood boil.

I would have quit them today but I can't get my MAC code because they are shut for the bank holiday.

At present I get a 1mb service unlimited for £12.99 per month. I want a provider that has good connection, would prefer unlimited BB but I might be able to limit it as I don't download much and they must have UK call centres. Its bad enough the BBs not working without having to Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta everything. Price up to £14.99 but it must have UK call centres as I said.

Also can anyone provide info on how long it takes to reconnect once you have your MAC code?

  wiz-king 16:34 28 May 2007

Give UKonline a look, I cannot get their broadband as I am too far from the exchange to get any broadband (moan)! But their dial-up service has been excelent for the last 5 years click here. Or go to cable if you can get it in your location.

  Totally-braindead 16:46 28 May 2007

Looking at Eclipse and UK Online and PlusNet. Anyone got any comments on the three of them I would be grateful.
Can't get cable BB unfortunatly.

  Dipso 16:49 28 May 2007

Check out IDNet, Newnet, ADSL24 and Zen. All have UK support and 1 month contracts.

Migration times vary but can be as little as 3 days to 2 weeks.

  Totally-braindead 17:40 28 May 2007

Thanks away to look.

  Totally-braindead 18:06 28 May 2007

Newnets a possability but I'm a bit concerned at the 3 gig limit for the £11.95 package and theres no webspace, IDNet looks interesting but they say they don't use call centres just professional support people and theres no mention of where they are or how differcult it is to contact them, I'd hate to move and find they are in a foreign country and I have to spell things out again, its £17.99 for 5 gig. ADSL24 is a bit dear and Zen is also.
I'm considering Eclipse Evolution up to 8mb BB £14.99 with a 20 gig limit or UK Online 2mb unlimited £14.99 or PlusNet up to 8mb with a 8 gig limit for £14.99 and PlusNet do a free 30 day trial as well.
Of the three I have so far Eclipse seems the best deal but what are they like? And whats the difference between classic performance and the others, does classic mean it will slow right down?

Theres too much choice out there I think.

Anyone got opinions on Eclipse or Plusnet?

  Shortstop 18:23 28 May 2007


Have you been here:

click here

Supposedly an independent comparison?



  Totally-braindead 18:25 28 May 2007

I have indeed Shortstop, that where I started my research. Thanks anyway.

  Dipso 18:33 28 May 2007

I was with IDNet before I migrated to Be in March this year. I can confirm that support is excellent and is definitely based in the UK. They offer a freephone number and the phone used to be answered in a couple of rings. Same quick response to emails support too.

I can't comment on Eclipse or Plusnet, was with Metronet prior to IDNet but left them shortly after they were bought out by Plusnet so that doesn't say much.

Another site to check out click here

  ivesy 18:46 28 May 2007

I sympathise with you I'm in the process of leaving Sky it was only £5 a month but I'd gladly now pay more for a better relaible service.

I've been looking all lweekend for a new ISP and settled for Plusnet. I was also looking at Madasafish and Virgin. Plusnet got my vote because of the 8 Meg download limit, UK call centres and the promise of a 30 day free trial.

I just found out today I can't do the free trial because the account can't be set up using the supplied MAC code. When SKY posted the MAC code to me they also (even though I emailed them not to!) cancelled the line (I think the term is!)making the MAC code useless!

I noticed today on further investigation into Plusnet that they are now owned by BT but more worringly according to the Register they've had problems with Malware infecting their email. Though this seems to have been sorted.

I've got everything crossed it goes well. But it is a nightmare trying to find a decent ISP as it seems to me the "bigger" ones are more interested in signing up numbers than offering a decent reliable service.

Good luck!

  bionicle 19:35 28 May 2007

I had the same problem with Tiscali so switched to Pipex. Up to 8Mb service although my line apparently only supports up to 2Mb. After being with them for 4 weeks I notice my speed is up to 3Mb. I pay £22.49 for Broadband and anytime phone call bundled package. £5 more than Tiscali but a third faster than I was getting and UK call centres who on the one occasion I needed the sorted the problem in a couple of minutes. Recommended.

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