Leaving Feedback on eBay

  Graham. 14:42 01 Feb 2011

I bid for an item, won and paid. The seller then cancelled the transaction and refunded me. See the other items click here

It seems you are expected to pay the Buy It Now price.

I am in a position to leave Feedback, Negative of course, but will he be able to leave feedback on me?

  961 14:56 01 Feb 2011

Did the item have an ability to place a bid, or did it require you to "buy it now" at the price offered?

If he refunded is it not best to just avoid leaving feedback?

  jakimo 15:21 01 Feb 2011

The seller has every right to reject your offer if he has set a 'Buy it Now Price' annoying I know,but best not to leave a derogatory feedback.
It may come back to bite you(afterall your not out of pocket)

  PalaeoBill 15:51 01 Feb 2011

It appears the seller should have honoured your bid.

click here

  Graham. 15:59 01 Feb 2011

there is a bidding box click here

  Graham. 16:02 01 Feb 2011

I bid £35 and won it at £34.99.

PalaeoBill, thanks, that confirms it nicely. I don't think eBay should allow this ploy.

  961 16:45 01 Feb 2011

Totally agree

  wee eddie 16:47 01 Feb 2011

a bidding box.

If the Bidding Box is there then he must honour your bid.

  birdface 18:07 01 Feb 2011

I am in a position to leave Feedback, Negative of course, but will he be able to leave feedback on me?
Yes he can leave bad feedback for you and if you want it removed you have to pay E-bay for removing it.

It happened to me.
Bought something from someone who lived close to me so We arranged for me to go over and pick it up.
Got there the next day and he had sold it to someone else.
So left him very poor feedback.
And he did the same to me.
Like I said E-bay wanted payment to remove it so have bought nothing from them since.

  961 18:23 01 Feb 2011

In your position I'd just forget it

Don't leave feedback because if you do you'll get a load in return

He's not worth getting upset about

  BRYNIT 20:41 01 Feb 2011

Why not contact Ebay and report the problem before leaving any feedback.

From what I have read the seller has to have the item in stock before advertising. Once an item has been wone by bid or buy it now price it is a binding contract. By the looks of the seller he still has stock.

From the Ebay website when you place a bid.

When you place a bid on eBay, you enter a binding contract. However, it's possible to retract a bid before the end of an auction, but only in exceptional circumstances. Remember that number of times you've retracted a bid will be displayed in your Feedback profile.

From this I would assume the seller has also entered into a binding contract.

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