Leaving Aol, any suggestions?

  SB23 19:15 14 Apr 2009

I am waiting for a mutual swap to come through, and have just found out that the house that we are looking to move to has no BT line.
Because of this I will have to leave Aol, as you need a BT line to use Aol, although not a major problem, when I do get a phone line to the property which ISP do I opt for, any ideas?

BTW, I've not spoken to Aol yet, but can anyone see any issues with leaving them due to the lack of phone line?



  OTT_Buzzard 20:54 14 Apr 2009

is always a good idea ;)

There are a bucket load of choices for ISP, the best option for you depends on how you use the internet.

click here for a pretty good decision-guide.

AOL can't prevent you leaving. Because you don't want an uninterrupted service you can simply notify them that you intend to terminate your contract with them, then start afresh with a new ISP when you have your new phone line (otherwise you would need a migration code from them).

  SB23 21:21 14 Apr 2009

Am I correct in assuming that I don't need a migration code if I'm not going to change straight away.
The reason that I ask is that its going to cost a small fortune to move, and I may be without a BT line for several months, or the very least not able to afford an internet connection straight away.
I've never understood these Mac codes, and when you need them,lol!

  OTT_Buzzard 21:56 14 Apr 2009

that's correct. If you are not moving direct to another supplier, you will not require a MAC code.

  SB23 22:19 14 Apr 2009


Still looking at your link for BB packages. Some of them I've not heard of.

  karmgord 22:44 14 Apr 2009

EVERYBODY BEAWARE, B.T have put in the small print that they use rolling contracts,that means IF YOU DON'T cancel at the end of the contract period you will be automatically & legally tied into another contract of that period.I use Zen,NOT the cheapest but excellent service (6meg out of an 8meg line)very reliable,on the occasion it did fail (due to BT WORKING IN THE EXCHANGE)I GOT STRAIGHT THROUGH TO SOMEBODY WHO SPOKE GOOD ENGLISH who diagnosed the problem in minutes. Finally should they fail to deliver such an excellent service,should I just want to change ISP you are only tied into a 1 MONTH contract.

  ened 07:08 15 Apr 2009

First of all you only need a MAC if you want to ensure a seamless transition on the same line.

You haven't mentioned if you are under any kind of contractual obligation to AOL (ie Free laptop and 24 months). If you are they can claim the rest of the money.

In the meantime you might consider internet access without a phone line:
click here

  ronalddonald 09:41 15 Apr 2009

could try 3 broadband mobile, you get a dongle from them and just plug it in load up the software and away you go.

  birdface 10:29 15 Apr 2009

Not sure if you get cable in your new area.
click here Free upgrade next month from 2mb to 10 mb.

  SB23 11:11 15 Apr 2009


Thought so, and the only time they mentioned a contract was 2 years ago, when I brought them to my current property, from S.Wales. ( I've been with Aol for 7years+)


I'm trying to find out if its a cabled area, as it would give me a few more options.

  birdface 11:56 15 Apr 2009

Maybe try.Check postcode on the right hand side might help.
click here

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