Iceman1978 00:39 20 Jul 2004

Does any one know if the price of LCD tv's will drop in the near future?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:59 20 Jul 2004

They are coming down in price as I type. £1600 gets you a Philips 30" (they were £2500 6 months ago) and I would imagine they will be under a grand by next year. IMHO they are superior to plasma efforts (plasma are also dropping in price, a 42" Techwood plasma, with an excellent picture, at Dixons is now £1700...£3500 a year ago).


  accord 07:35 20 Jul 2004

wait till xmas and they will be on sale at a snip.

i saw a few in House of Frazer at the weekend and they look superb,

  byfordr 08:24 20 Jul 2004

The prices are coming down all the time. The quality can still be a bit variable so worth checking out before buying.

Saw an absolutely stunning JVC 32" sharp colours amazing picture. Just above it was a Phillips 32" on which colours looked washed out. They have a limited life span, but unless you are using it 24 hours a day it should be enough to last you for several years. A smaller size one is the equivalent of a bigger crt.

In view of the cost one of those things I would say worth getting a warranty for! John Lewis gives a free 5yr warranty on tvs and also has a price match.


  Kate B 12:50 20 Jul 2004

I'm not impressed by LCD TVs yet - the picture quality looks smeary and blocky to me. Much as I love new toys I won't be splashing out on one of those until they're a lot better.

  PUNKA 14:14 20 Jul 2004

Bought the Techwood mentioned above in february 2004, took it home and after connecting to sky etc etc found picture problems with colour, display,contrast, went on the plasma sites and was advised to purchase a MONSTER scart cable, cost me 60.00 quid at the time but you should see the colours, particularly during the euro 2004 campaign it was outstanding, highly recommended by this customer.

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