LCD TV problems/Can anyone help pls?

  rickf 00:20 21 Apr 2007

Hi All,
My old TV died yesterday and I decided to upgrade and bought a Polaroid 26" LCD TV. The terrestial channels are working fine producing vibrant colours. The problem starts when I access the digital channels via my Philips Freeview Box connected to the TV by a scart lead. The channels are there but the colours are all washed out, all greenish. Can anyone suggest what is the problem. Benn trying for most part of the day and its keeps doing the same thing. The DVD player works fine and is connected via audio and video cables. The strange thing is when I connected the DVD up at first with a scart it also produced the washed up greenish colours. Perhaps there is something wrong with the scart sockets as I have tried various different scart cables.
Scart connection worked fine with my old TV.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thansk

  rickf 02:11 21 Apr 2007


  Ranger 08:58 21 Apr 2007

have you tried the AVforums there are a lot of knowledgible people there who know a lot about this sort of thing

  rickf 09:37 21 Apr 2007

Hi Ranger,
which AV Forums? Can you point me in the right direction pls?

  961 09:40 21 Apr 2007

click here
Free to join. Register and post your problem in the LCD flat panel forum

  laurie53 10:24 21 Apr 2007

Don't know if you're still checking this thread, but it sounds to me like you've got the wrong standard selected somewhere.

I had much the same problem when I had my input selected as s-vhs


  rickf 10:27 21 Apr 2007

Thanks 961. Will do. However, if anyone with anymore suggestions they would be apprecaited. I bought thsi from PC World on Fri and would like to be able to return it next wk if there is an inherent fault. I am already anticipating probs with them if anything is wrong.

  Stuartli 10:44 21 Apr 2007

You may need to change from RGB to Composite or vice versa.

If I use RGB with my Pioneer Freeview set top box the picture is much inferior.

  rickf 10:44 21 Apr 2007

Thanks. Will have another look later and come back. Got to go to the Post Office before they close. Cheers

  Stuartli 10:45 21 Apr 2007

My Pioneer STB is an ON/ITVDigital box and the setting is contained in the menu - I presume that the current Freeview menu will have a similar feature.

  rickf 13:47 21 Apr 2007

Hi, Thanks everyone. Its sorted.

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