LCD TV problem - any advice?

  biggywee 19:45 28 Dec 2006

Know this is PC advisor, but hoped somebody would have a bit of lcd tv knowledge.

I bought a Wharfedale LCD2610AF in February, every few weeks a bright pink 'wash' would take over the bright areas (sky, lights, skin etc.) of the picture. It only lasted seconds so I tended to ignore it. Over the past few weeks it has been happening more and more - tonight its been over 2 hours now.

I phoned Argos who supplied the TV and was advised to unplug all cables and switch everything off at mains for at least an hour to 'restore the factory settings'

Surely this wont solve the problem? I always switch the tv off at mains (not on stand-by)

Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks

  Chaz10 21:13 28 Dec 2006

Take it back ASAP, it will only get worse, Argos are just trying to fob you off like when you get a computer prob and tech support say " can you switch it off and turn on again" losers.

  961 09:18 29 Dec 2006

Although there are a number of things you could try I would suggest that with the 12 month warranty probably expiring shortly you should arrange for it to be repaired/replaced

Incidentally there is probably an option within the menu to restore factory settings

I take it that there are no hi-fi loudspeakers etc near to the set?

  biggywee 18:06 29 Dec 2006

Thanks! - have arranged with Argos for engineer to come out next week to have a look. Yes, the 'switch it off, switch it on' routine seems to be par for the course no matter what you buy. I wont be fobbed off with any old story and will be asking for a new set.
Thanks again for advice, all the best....biggy.

  jamieson01 18:38 29 Dec 2006

I had a similar problem a while ago to a tv i had in my living room, the problem turned out to be, i had hifi speakers either side of the tv an they caused the colour of the tv to become distorted. so like you i phoned the vendor(currys) they said to leave the tv unplugged from the mains over night, (and move the speakers, something to do with the magnets)as modern tv sets have some sort of reset function. and like you i didn't think it would work. when i switch ed the tv set back in the morning it was as good as new.

You don't have any speakers nearby do you?
(apparently the tv set speakers are insulated

I'd have a go as it certainly solved my problem.

  biggywee 17:40 02 Jan 2007

A wee engineer was supposed to come out this morning. By noon he/she had'nt arrived so I rang Argos helpline. The advisor was a bit confused as it is still a holiday here in Scotland and he could'nt contact the engineer (probably hungover like the rest of us!)

Anyway took the set back to Argos. Absolutely first class service, got a new Hitachi TV in its place (paid a little extra), no questions, no fuss.

I bet if I'd took it back to Currys/Comet etc. there would have been no end of hassle.

So well done Argos and thanks for everyones advice on here. All the best for 2007!!

  961 14:41 03 Jan 2007


Hope you are pleased with new purchase. Sure Hitachi will do the business!

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