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  mobad 12:08 08 Jun 2004

Ok basically I have 2 computers and the main one with the internet connection is situated in my loft room. In summer, the room is like an oven so I was considering a laptop that I can network with both my main computer and 2nd computer.
I would like something fast, with a dvd player, around 30gigz and 512mb ram.
It needs to have sound on board and all set ups to be networked with my main computer.

Im looking to spend up top £1000 and no more.
I also will require 1 additional 250gb or 300gb USB Hard drive.

I’m looking to purchase all this as a package, so any one know who do good deals?

Many thanx in advance.

  ste_bla 12:59 08 Jun 2004

"30gigz" do you mean 30gb hdd, 2ghz cpu or something else

And what sort of network do you want and what current network hardware do you have? eg wired/wireless or 50/50

And what internet connection do you currently have?

  ste_bla 13:13 08 Jun 2004

160gb USB2 100notes click here

TravelMate P2.8Ghz 256MB 30GB 15in WinXP 740notes click here

I know not 512 ram so goto and get another 256mb which is around 35 with free deland V V easy too install

NOTE: this laptop only has onboard gfx okay fordvd but NOT games

  ste_bla 13:13 08 Jun 2004

delivery even

  mobad 13:18 08 Jun 2004

I ment 30 gigz hard drive space.

My current internet conenction is Broadband ADSL 512 with BT.
I just have 2 network cards, and share from the main computer to the second computer using ICS.

  Chris the Ancient 15:55 08 Jun 2004

click here

Never any problems with their kit and always good aftersales service.

  Hamish 19:20 08 Jun 2004

Try click here as from Monday 10.6.04. Regional offer

  Hamish 19:50 08 Jun 2004

Re above - Should read Thursay

  Hamish 19:55 08 Jun 2004

Note the specs are better than my typing.

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