Latest website poll: Your feedback please

  PC Advisor. 16:23 30 Sep 2003

Hi folks,

It's poll time again. Microsoft Media Center - the software giant's vehicle for dominating our living-rooms (having had a fair stab at our offices and home studies) - is finally with us.


  Lionheart? 17:19 30 Sep 2003

The arrival Microsoft Media Center PC.

Sorry have not heard or read anything about this.

  sdf 17:24 30 Sep 2003

the central entertainment hub I think is a fantastic idea with a huge ammount of potential. I however am not sure Microsoft are the people to really dominate the field. I hope the technology will progress and become mainstream and not be detrimentally overhyped like bluetooth. Only time will tell but I intend to follow developments closely

  Falkyrn 17:33 30 Sep 2003

As has been said the theory is one with immense potential whether Micrsoft are the company to provide the catalyst needed to spark consumer enthusiasm is another thing.

  -pops- 18:34 30 Sep 2003

Can us "don't know what it is" wallahs be directed somewhere to get information on this revolutionary??????????? concept?

At the time of sending this, 54% of voters claim no knowledge of it.

  S5W 19:03 30 Sep 2003

Conducted a straw poll within my family, only one of four thought he knew what it was. Perhaps it's an idea before its time :-)

  Forum Editor 19:14 30 Sep 2003
  -pops- 19:19 30 Sep 2003

Thanks, but no thanks!

Thanks for the directions, no thanks for the idea.

I don't want any more of my life to be controlled by Microsoft than it already is!


  powerless 19:26 30 Sep 2003

I've never tried watching TV on me PC because i have errrr a TV.

I suprised at no upgrade and that you have to buy, well, a new Media Center PC to that version of XP.

No doubt the offerings made by dell, hp etc (i guess) will look superb and deserve a place in the living room. But my TV is there and my PC is here.

Pausing live TV etc is nothing new and well i would not have a use to do that. Might as well set the video on record. (or my dreamable recordable DVD drive)

Give it time to for a version 2 and we'll see what MS have new to show us. Because what it gives us now is what we can get, just not all together, and buying a new PC for that?

Errr... No!

  ams4127 19:47 30 Sep 2003

I'm with Powerless on this one.

With a 32" digital TV, complete with seperate Sony surround sound, sitting in the front room why on earth would I want to watch TV on a monitor? And spill the beer on the keyboard!

Not for me.

  zaach 20:02 30 Sep 2003

I am another keep TV and my box separate individual. At moment my wife is watching Eastenders, which I cannot stand, so have escaped to my computer in another room.

I have no wish to have my monitor cluttered with TV, thank you.

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