Latest TomTom models POI supprt

  [email protected] 09:16 01 Oct 2010

Anyone thinking of buying the latest TomTom satnavs
( GO 1000 and VIA ranges ) should be aware of their lack of support for third party POIs.

The company will fix this omission "next year" according to Mark Gretton TomTom CTO.

The lack of this support will certainly make me look elsewhere.

More details here :- click here

  anchor 13:02 02 Oct 2010

I agree that this is probably a veiled attempt to make users use only TomTom POI`s; (such as their speed camera data base). The excuse of not enough time is very weak.

If purchasers vote with their wallets, and buy alternative makes, this may change TomTom`s mind, and release a fix well before "sometime in 2011".

  morddwyd 18:49 02 Oct 2010

"buy alternative makes,"

Not many do software only.

The only other European one I know of is ALK CoPilot.

  wee eddie 19:10 02 Oct 2010

because, up here in Scotland, it's pathetic. So many errors it's a crime.

In one local village, they have about 1/3rd of the road names incorrect, and in Ayr they have not included link roads that have been in constant use for over 2 years.

Their, much vaunted, Customers' ability to update maps, only works part of the time and they do not respond to any attempt at communication, neither e-mail, snail mail, nor Telephone.

  morddwyd 08:05 03 Oct 2010

They don't do the mapping.

Like most of the sat navs on the market they use an external company, most of them the same one, Tele Atlas.

  anchor 13:55 03 Oct 2010

wee eddie: TomTom now own TeleAtlas.

Alternative maps are made by Navteq which are used on Garmin satnavs. I have no idea if these are better.

  anchor 15:36 03 Oct 2010

wee eddie: what map version do you have?; the latest is 8.55.

From what I read, all map producers lag behind new road developments.

  wee eddie 16:06 03 Oct 2010

£25.00pa for Camera alerts.

£19.00pa for Map updates.

Payment in advance.

You buy the TomTom, you get the Map. They are vicariously liable for any failings of their Employees and Sub-Contractors. In this case, their chosen supplier of Maps.

The Clincher is that I pay TomTom for the Map Updates, not the Map Maker.

I've had to buy a copy of Nicholson's map of the locality.

I've only posted this to warn others. When you get to speak to someone, you get honeyed words and then, sidelined. No return calls, nor relevant Map Updates. To be honest, I think that they feel that if their Maps are about 95% accurate, that's all they need to worry about.

I don't think it's good enough.

  morddwyd 16:57 03 Oct 2010

"They are vicariously liable for any failings of their Employees and Sub-Contractors."

I don't think that will apply in this particular case.

Most manufacturers/suppliers opt out of "subsequent and consequent liability"., only being responsible for the product itself, e.g.. if your TomTom suffers from a manufacturing defect and catches fire and burns out your car they are responsible, but if you had left your laptop in the car they would only pay for the laptop, not the data thereon.

  KremmenUK 06:53 04 Oct 2010

This change by TT has been highlighted over on the PGPSW forum for a while now and you are right in that it seems TT are supposedly considering backing this out.

From what I understand on these affected models you can install Third Party POI's, but only via 'Home' and only those approved by TT (ala Apple iPhone strategy).

TT's camera database is woeful when compared to the PGPSW database and I would never use it.

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