Latest Tiscali offer

  LinH 11:23 31 May 2007

Had an email from Tiscali advertising their latest offer due to start in September:

1 Up to 8meg broadband.

2 Landline telephone calls, national and local.

3 Line rental.

All for £19.99 per month and a £30 one off payment.

Comments anyone please?


  georgemac © 12:50 31 May 2007

Looks like a good offer if this includes line rental as I currently pay Tiscali £15 per month for up to 8 meg only. Have not had any email from them.

  Totally-braindead 13:16 31 May 2007

I'm sick to death of Tiscalis terrible customer service so I'm leaving to try another provider. The offer is all very well if you have no problems with it but if there are problems you will have to sort them yourself as Tiscali are useless. Email them about something and they usually reply about something completely different.
Good luck if you try it.

  Jackcoms 13:35 31 May 2007

This is being rolled out across the country, but hasn't hit my neck of the woods yet.

As soon as it does arrive here, I'll be taking it up.

It will effectively save me £9 a month as I currently pay Tiscali £17.99 per month for 8meg and all phone calls PLUS £11 per month to BT for line rental.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:52 31 May 2007

It is an excellent offer and I'll get it when the offer arrives here. I have been with Tiscali for 3 years and the service, speeds and quality have been first class.


I left tiscali as they were not a very good ISP have gone to sky on there 16mb service for £10 a month and £5 all calls options per month and have had No problems at all with them.
Skys offer is the best bundle offer outhere at the moment!

  spuds 18:55 31 May 2007

I was made this offer or one very similar a couple of months ago, still waiting for the start date!!

At the same time, Tiscali informed me that they would be undertaking work at the local exchange, and my 1meg would be updated to 2meg foc automatically. They uprated to 2meg with no problem on the date/day stated.

Looks like I will have to sort out the email and contact Tiscali and see what is happening, as the deal looks worth having.

  harps1h 19:20 31 May 2007

i had a look at this sky deal and to be honest it works out nearly the same bar a few pence. where sky loses out for me is the 40gb limit whereas tiscali has an unlimited setting.

  oresome 20:40 31 May 2007

Seems a good deal to me and I have signed up for it today. It does state 2 meg for my location though. Should start saving money within the first year despite the £30 set up fee.

Not sure what happens now. i.e. Do Tiscali contact BT and cancel my line rental with them? I think the BT rental is paid in advance and a rebate will be due following the cancellation.

Calls are already billed via Tiscali, so no problem there I hope.

  LinH 20:47 31 May 2007


It was obviously rolled out to your neck of the woods first, we won't get it here in Suffolk until September.

You raised some interesting points so keep us informed through the forum how you get on with the line rental changes etc and anything else that crops up.



  mikeben121 22:22 31 May 2007

As I noted on another thread.

I tried to upgrade my broadband from Tiscali to up to 8Mbs. I had major problems in that my connection speed would never get above 500k. I reverted to 2Mbs and eventually it got back to 2Mbs (most of the time).

Dealing with their tech support in India was a nightmare. All I ever got was cut and paste responses to some question which was in the same area as my question or problem.

I'm still with them because I don't trust them to do the migration properly.

They also tried to sell me their line rental but they couldn't do that either. Apparently my order was stalled and I would need to phone an expensive line to get them to sort it out. Why they couldn't just talk to their own company was never explained.

In brief. Good broadband service (most of the time) just hope it never goes wrong. customer service non existant

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