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  critic-al 20:04 14 Jan 2004

purely as a matter of interest, does anyone know the reason for the latest pca poll on where our computers kept at home.

  Forum Editor 20:24 14 Jan 2004

I do.

  critic-al 20:32 14 Jan 2004

And would you care to share or enlighten me or does it come under the official secrets act,lol

  Mankster 20:38 14 Jan 2004

whatever you do ,dont give your address,someone may be interested where your computer is kept .

  Socalled 20:44 14 Jan 2004

Not like the FE to be so abrupt.

  sdf 20:46 14 Jan 2004

its probably going to be another "look how our PCs are appearing in all aspects of our lives and homes now" article, or something along those lines

  plsndrs3 20:47 14 Jan 2004

Surely the FE was answering the question? lol

[Think this may have to do with finding out how many of us have wireless networks at home & whether it is catching on. Probably for a feature as it is the second pollon Wireless I have seen ...]


  Mankster 20:51 14 Jan 2004

well if we all answered questions like that ,that would end the help forum.

  keenan 21:00 14 Jan 2004

At a guess- I would have thought the more people using them 'In the living room' then the more intergrated into the 'family' enviroment they are/will become.

Stylish Multi 'Media' PC,s are, after all, already being rolled out by the major manfacturers.

Watch this space they,ll being adorning a 'living room' near you before you know it!

  Forum Editor 21:05 14 Jan 2004

although I was in fact answering the question that was asked. Here's some more information:-

The forum polls are designed to give us snapshots of opinions, tastes, purchasing habits, hardware and software use etc. and we use the information we collect in the articles we write for the magazine. That's it really - nothing sinister or earth shattering, just plain old information gathering.

  PurplePenny 21:27 14 Jan 2004

.. it asks about " home PC/notebook" and there is the option "anywhere - I've got a wireless network" but where is the option "anywhere I like .... it's a laptop"?

In fact I decided that my old PC is the one I should answer for so I said "in the study" .... study?.... study! ... you call this a study???? ... how about "black hole" or "complete tip"? Actually we always call it "the 'pooter room" and the laptop is quite often in here too.


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