Latest PCA Poll - Snoopware

  Murray 13:15 10 Jun 2003

It would be interesting to see peoples opinions on the latest poll.

If you havent already - vote now....

I might guess that the parents out there might be all for this sort of thing, whereas the younger members may feel it is unjustified.

I am personally against it.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:35 10 Jun 2003

Perhaps not a loved one (though not applicable in my case...don't think I'll monitor my parents!) but in a work situation providing its done legally and people know about it I'm all for it.

  -pops- 14:15 10 Jun 2003

I think it very sad that such a question needs to be asked.

If you are so untrusting in your relationship to have to snoop, that means to me that there is something wrong with it. Anyone that feels inclined to snoop in anything at all whether it be a computer or an underwear drawer ought to carefully reflect on why they feel the need to do such a thing and consider that there might be something wrong with their own psyche or the relationship as a whole.

Relationships should be built on trust and if there is something amiss in this trust it is a subject for discussion, not subterfuge.

It would never enter my mind to snoop in my partner's, my son's or my grandchildren's affairs in this way. From that last statement and as many regulars will already know, I am far from being a "younger member".

OK, we keep our eye on what the grandchildren look at on the computer but that is a long way from snooping.

A life built on secrets is a life of lies and deceit which can only multiply and take over one's whole being.

A deeply saddened


  Pilch.... 14:25 10 Jun 2003

Kids less so than partners....

With partners then if you dont trust then what are ya doing there?

With kids though it is a different story, they will try out many things on the net, mainly chat rooms and games.

But if the relationship is there and the right setup, ie so parents can see what the kids are doing on the computer and the kids know what is right and wrong with the internet, then snoop ware shouldnt be needed...

  Megatyte 14:31 10 Jun 2003

Very well said. I agree with you entirely, and you've saved me a bit of typing.


  -pops- 15:14 10 Jun 2003


I'm glad I'm not a lone voice in the wilderness.


  PC Advisor. 15:34 10 Jun 2003

But surely only people with something to hide would be worried about a spouse or partner using snoopware to track their movements and emails?

  Megatyte 15:43 10 Jun 2003

But, as -pops- said, if anyone has anything to hide then there is something fundamentally wrong with the relationship. Any relationship must be based on trust. Without that trust then you have nothing.


  -pops- 16:07 10 Jun 2003

Your comment above doesn't quite correspond with the question posed in the poll. You seem to be introducing another element of "hiding" into the matter.

I am not worried in the least about a spouse, partner or any member of my family snooping on me because I know they wouldn't do it. I have nothing to hide from my family and I'm sure they, likewise. I don't know with absolute certainty whether they have anything to hide because I wouldn't be able to bring myself to snoop but I am as certain as anyone could ever be that they haven't.

Perhaps I'm old and old fashioned but being a hippy in the '60s has, I think, introduced a level of tolerance and trust missing in much of today's way of thinking. I'm glad, though, that I've passed this to my offspring and they to theirs.

I've been with my partner since 1963 - yes - the same one - and we have never had a single moment of mis- or dis-trust.

I am still saddened by this whole thing.


  Spindrift 16:48 10 Jun 2003

Well said -pops-, without trust you have nothing. I too have been with my husband for over 42 years and I am only 56 and he is 58. I think you all know him. This year we celibrate our Ruby wedding (40 years) with our 4 offspring and their spouses and 7 grandchildren. I know he feels the same or he gets no supper ;-)

  Murray 16:56 10 Jun 2003

I believe spying on ones partner is always unjustified. However there may be a different argument for watching/monitoring/restricting what your children do on the Internet, although it doesn't sadden me as much as some.

I think kids should be left alone to learn the facts of life. If you restrict their access, they will find out sooner or later, and I think it better to leave them to it.

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