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  PC Advisor. 16:54 27 May 2004

Hi folks,

Be sure to vote in the latest PC Advisor poll on the arrival of legal music download services.

Many thanks

  hugh-265156 16:59 27 May 2004

would like to vote as i think it is a good thing to have a choice but there is no option in the poll to choose if you agree that its a good thing but just purchase cds.

so i do agree its a good thing

i only buy cds though


  Belatucadrus 17:34 27 May 2004

I'm on dial up so music downloads have never been an issue and I've no interested in P2P of any description. So here's another that's sticking to buying a CD as and when required.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:01 27 May 2004

Why does every poll on this site have to elicit responses in the forum. Polls are simple, look at the answers, tick the one you agree the most with, do not tick any if you strongly disagree with all the answers. It cannot be more difficult than this, can it?


  wee eddie 18:09 27 May 2004

I agree with you.

To solve the problem of those that do not agree with the Poll.

There should be an automatically created button labelled:- ICBB

  Forum Editor 18:11 27 May 2004

fires up a cheroot, squints through the curling blue smoke, eases his hand-tooled silver deleting mouse from its kid leather pouch, and waits..........

  hugh-265156 18:28 27 May 2004


i wasnt complaining sorry if i started anything. hate moaners myself :-)

huggy goes back under his rock.

  Sir Radfordin 19:10 27 May 2004

By not ticking one of the options you are unable to distinguish between people who haven't voted and those who didn't feel one of the options fitted their desired response. The same argument is used for elections - you either vote or spoil the paper. You cannot state that you don't want to vote for any of them.

  anchor 20:15 27 May 2004

There should have been a section for

"Don`t Care - I am not interested in any form of downloaded music".

  Belatucadrus 20:27 27 May 2004

Ponders thoughtfully then pours petrol on smouldering fire.

I'm not complaining about polls in general and were it not for PCAs posted request for a vote would have kept quiet. Simply pointing out that for some of us, the only option would have been "None of the above". If PCA didn't want comments or opinions maybe the post should have been closed. The polls are pretty irrelevant anyway and I can't see why anybody is getting hot under the collar about them. I just think that a poll that may be used in PCA as a statistical representation of forum members opinion should not exclude anybody as it skews the results.

This is only my opinion, anybody is free to disagree with it and say so without fear of criticism or response from me, as to be honest I'm too lazy to type any more.

  wee eddie 21:17 27 May 2004

I may not agree or have anything to say about a particular poll, but from the magazine's point of view, they may be very productive giving a reasonable idea of the level of interest in a particular subject.

Therefor suggesting that it may be worth commissioning an article, or not!

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