Latest Gericom from Aldi :(

  Dipso 22:20 23 Sep 2004

After a lot of research on here and elsewhere, I finally decided to buy the Gericom laptop which first went on sale in Aldi on 2 September, today.

I have just unpackaged it to find that although the packaging was clearly new and unopened, the laptop isn't. The lid is scratched, not just slightly, really badly and I can't believe they (Gericom) expected that a customer wouldn't notice this. The rest of the case seems new and totally unmarked so it seems the lid may have been from another machine.

I don't want a replacement after this, any manufacturer that supplies goods in this condition does not deserve my money, I just want my money back.

I just want to point out that I am in no way blaming Aldi for this, I have had several items from them in the past, including this PC which I bought last November and I have had no problems with this or the other items. I blame Gericom for this.

I presume I will just be offered a refund? Does anyone know Aldi's policy.

  spuds 23:34 23 Sep 2004

Aldi have a refund or replacement policy.If the goods are damaged or not as described, then you would also have consumer laws to assist you.

  smokingbeagle² 19:51 24 Sep 2004

If you do get a replacement, run av software first. Link is about an external hard drive but same principle.
click here

  Dipso 21:32 24 Sep 2004

Thanks for your replies. It's confession time now <sheepish grin>.

I took the laptop back to Aldi this morning and explained to the manager that I was not happy and that the laptop appeared to have been used etc. At this point the security guard strolled over and pointed out that another customer had brought one back complaining of the same problem, he then peeled back the protective plastic skin from the lid of the laptop to reveal a perfect, blemish free casing. How stupid did I feel, but at least I wasn't the only person to have made the mistake!

smokingbeagle² - I had read the post you made re the virus infected external hard drive previously, so when I get my AV (bundled with Norton) updated I will do a full scan.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:02 17 Jan 2005

How has it been running since? There have been a few complaints.

  Modo 20:00 17 Jan 2005

Very honest and a well told story.

But you have no complaints with the Aldi Medion PC from November!

You are out on your own on that one mate. I hear Medion MD8383XL has more google searches than Britney Spears!!!


The digital TV works

The fan doesn't sound like a jumbo taking off

The Software advertised as available on disk was actually provided.

  Dipso 21:23 17 Jan 2005

Re: the laptop. I no longer have it, you may vaguely remember a thread I made shortly after this one click here

I must admit that I did think about getting another when Aldi announced their sale and the £200 reduction in price, but I found that others were experiencing similar problems to those I had and thought better of it.

I have only just bought a replacement, not as high spec but £400 cheaper and I am very pleased with it. It is the Acer Travelmate 292Lmi another Centrino. I have contributed to a couple of threads recommending it.

Modo -

Check the date, I am referring to the MD8080XL on sale from November 2003. I am aware there have been many problems with the 8383XL and it must be very frustrating for those who bought this model but I am very happy with mine as I said before and it definitely wouldn't put me off buying Medion again.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:52 17 Jan 2005

Dipso - I knew I had heard of the problems somewhere; sorry that it was yours. :-(

Anyway, I hope that what you have now is more satisfactory.

  Modo 22:07 17 Jan 2005

Sorry Dipso,

Aldi/Medion had prior to the 8383 had a pretty good rep.

I'm pleased for you don't have an 8383 - you should be so lucky.

Caveat emptor - Aldi service nothing until you get them to a court room threat.

Medion seem to be unable to service anything currently, being over stretched dealing with complaints having put a badly flawed 8383XL on the market too early. It's a shame because even two months after launch it is a price beating offer but it just doesn't work properly.

Hopefully Gericom are better.

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