The latest Aldi desktop PC

  Armchair 20:19 08 Feb 2011

Used to be traditional to make a topic for each PC Aldi sold, so I'll do one. This went on sale on Sunday.

click here

AMD Athlon II X4 640 Quad Core CPU
AMD Radeon 6450 512MB DDR3 GPU
1TB HDD (5400 or 7200 RPM? Dunno.......)
Windows 7 Home Premium

and some other stuff.

Looks like reasonable value, but once again I wish they'd fitted a half decent gaming GPU, even if it meant upping the price a bit. No mention of it's PSU, or whether or not it has any vacant RAM slots.

  961 20:33 08 Feb 2011

Aldi sell desktop computers to the folk that shop in their stores each week. Reasonable, even good value at the £400 price point

For most folk they do the business. Well built by a good manufacturer with good bits inside

If you need a gaming machine I suggest it may not be for you

But for most, it's as good as many other makers and, at the end of the day, you shove it in the car, take it home and press the button

If it doesn't work, take it back, change it or get your money back

Better than some internet guys where it disappears for ever

Or, dare I say, some Technical persons who seem to, err, lose things?

  birdface 22:44 08 Feb 2011

No use posting on a tuesday when they were selling them on sunday.
My local aldi store opened at 10am sunday and sold the last one at 10 past 10.
So you got to be quick.
Problem with that one as they have an extra bit on top of it to hold an external hard drive.
Unfortunately it does not fit properly under my desk.
So maybe a design fault.
Ever so quiet when running but it has a 64Bit O/S and is so slow scanning with my security programs.
You have guessed it I got the last one.
No doubt it will grow on me but I preferred my old one.

  GaT7 22:57 08 Feb 2011

"Unfortunately it does not fit properly under my desk. So maybe a design fault."

Come on, it's only a mid-tower case. It sounds more like the space you have under your desk is not very large, or simply not large enough ;-)

Somebody could go for a gigantic case & still blame the lack of space under their desk. Well, they didn't exactly get their measurements right, did they?! G

  birdface 12:21 09 Feb 2011

It is a big computer desk I would say bigger than most that I have seen.
My other computer fitted on top of the shelf with no problems.This one does not fit under the shelf or on top of it.
I could put it on the carpet but why bother buying a desk.
Shelves are not adjustable but I suppose all desks are built differently.
Just saying it does not fit under my desk where the other ones have.
Take away the docking station from the top of it and it would have fitted no problem.
Maybe just need a modern desk this one is about 6 years old.

  GaT7 12:38 09 Feb 2011

Right, so I take it the docking station is not removable? Also, does it stick out in an unsightly manner? G

  birdface 14:42 09 Feb 2011

As far as I know it is not removable I would imagine it will be connected to the computer to run the External drive.It takes up the front six inches at the top of the computer the rest of the computer is normal size.
I can squeeze most of the computer on to the shelve it just the front part that catches on the top of the desk and will not go in any further.
It will have to do not going out to buy another desk.
It is just something that I was not expecting maybe I should have been more alert.
Maybe a good idea with the docking station you just slide the external hard drive in and it fits straight into the connector.

  Armchair 18:56 09 Feb 2011

them on a sunday

My local Aldi still had two of these PCs in stock when I went in to buy my cashew nuts last night.

  GaT7 19:03 09 Feb 2011

Your cashew nuts?

Isn't that a little too much info Armchair ;-), G

  Armchair 19:16 09 Feb 2011

NAH. Seriously, £1.29 for 200g. ALways grab me nuts in Aldi.

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