Late Deliveries from the Tech Guys

  specialc 15:00 02 Feb 2011

I had my laptop picked up by the Tech Guys for repair on the 12th january 2011, i was told it would be repaired and returned on the 20th, i waited in most of the day before i contacted them to ask where it was, their reply was it was still being repaired and that they would contact me for a date to deliver.
Last Wednesday Tech Guys tried delivering the laptop even though they had not arranged the date with myself, surprise that everybody were out working so it was returned to the depot. I contacted the depot to arrange for it to be returned last Friday, once again i waited in all day and surprise surprise it didnt arrive, i contacted customer services on 2 occasions and asked for them to call me back with a reason why it was not delivered, i never recieved any call back.
last Saturday i recieved a callsaying it would definetly be delivered on monday, the reason why it was not delivered friday was that they had a large amount of items into the delivery dept, this is a poor excuse when i had my laptop booked in for delivery.
Also i contacted customer services again and they also said it would definetly be delivered Monady and they offered me a £15 voucher for inconvience.
Last Sunday evening i recieved a call from the delivery dept saying it would be delivered between 10am and 2pm.
Monday morning i recieved a call forom the delivery people saying they didnt have and the repair guys still had it in their workshop, i said how come they had tried delivering once. again i waited in and it never arrived, i contacted customer services again and the finaly called me back they had made enquiries and the delivery depot had been looking for it all day, he said they believe they had lost it and that he would start the ball rolling for an investigation.
Yesterday Tuesday i went to my local Currys, they contacted the delivery depot and amazingly they had found it but nobody informed me, they said they were going to contact me today to make arrangements for it to be delivered tomorrow( not holding my breath)

All why this as been going on i have had only 1 call back, taken 3 days off work and lost money and spent nearly 2 hours on the phone at 20p per minute, and nobody has opologised for their incompitence
sorry its so long but needed to get it off my chest

  Forum Editor 15:50 02 Feb 2011

but needed to get it off my chest"

I'm not surprised; in your position I would be absolutely furious. Unfortunately there's very little you can do in the face of such incompetence, apart from making an almighty fuss.

  specialc 16:03 02 Feb 2011

Oh I have been making a fuss,its just so infuriating by their lack of response and help. Hopefuly it will be here tomorrow, however i was told they would be contacting me today but they have not yet. Fingers crossed

  specialc 20:30 03 Feb 2011

What a surprise it didnt arrive today either, they contacted me last night to say it would be delivered today, getting fed up now and with no response from them either

  specialc 19:26 06 Feb 2011

And again they even promised to have it delivered today to my locay curry shop and for me to pick it up from there, however once again at 15.30 i recieved a phone call saying it was not going to arrive as someone forgot to put it on the vehicle, what a load of wasters :-(

  Forum Editor 00:46 07 Feb 2011

but it's by no means the first instance we've heard of in this forum.

It's difficult to offer any constructive comment, other than the hope that you'll soon be reunited with your computer.

  ajm 15:00 07 Feb 2011

Quite lately, I have been contacted throuhgh the Yellow Envelope by a few PCA forum members who had complaints about various problems about PC WOrld / The Tech Guys. I could only advise them on what to do and whom to contact as I no longer work for the company anymore.

Reading from the forums it seems very common occurrence lateley.

  onthelimit 15:18 07 Feb 2011

It's quite scandalous - I wonder if any TV producers involved with programmes that cover this sort of situation would be interested (eg Watchdog)?

  iscanut 16:00 07 Feb 2011

How about a new forum just for Tech Guys ?

  specialc 18:21 07 Feb 2011

I finaly recieved my laptop back today without any apology, the local curry's manager had to go to the delivery depot this morning to get it himself,I then had to travel to curry's to collect it, part of the service you pay for is collection,repair and delivery back. I am still persuing my complaint as i have had to take time off work on 4 occasions for nothing and also for the numerous mobile calls i have had to make. I had contacted Watchdog but with no response ( i remember them having a goo at the Tech Guys some weeks ago about their service)

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