At Last I Can Hear Radio In Every Room!

  Big L 266 08:20 28 Jul 2010


For those who live here in Spalding, FM and DAB radio listening is a real hit & miss affair. My old DAB radio only works in the kitchen and just about gets BBC national radio and a couple of commercial stations. My small FM radio gets BBC national radio but stuggles with BBC local radio and even this doesn't work in every room.

My solution arrived on Tuesday. Its a small hand-held wi-fi/fm radio I found on an internet web site. I took it out of the box, read the instruction book, put in my router code, plugged it in to the computer to charge, and within 10 minutes was able to listen to wi-fi radio. I am so impressed and happy you simply cannot imagine.

I can play BBC local and national radio and get many UK-based radio stations. The signal up to 50 feet away is remarkable and, despite a small speaker, has a crystal clear sound and clarity for both music and speech. I can put this little radio anywhere in my home and have a great signal. It doesn't come with many bells and whistles but it does what it says on the box. It takes around 5 hours to charge and it should last for around 10 to 15 hours.

Sadly, the FM doesn't pick up anything which would be about right for this area. I paid £75 for this small wifi radio from a niche shop in Hertfordshire.I am a very very happy bunny.

I'm sorry, I'm not mentioning the website or shop I bought it from nor the name of the radio. I don't want to be accused of spam!

Big L 266

  dms_05 09:41 29 Jul 2010

Like you I resorted to Internet Radio because my location is a dead spot for DAB and very poor for most FM (unless I want to listen to Welsh language stations here in England). So about a year ago I bought a £39 WiFi Internet Radio from eBuyer. Since then we've had the pleasure of listening to our local stations as well as national and international stations. My own favourite is a US nostalgia station playing older music but regularly running adverts for recruitment to the CIA. Now I'd never have heard that with DAB!

One point to note is a station like Classic FM at 128 kbps uses 55 MB of bandwidth per hour and so can easily eat up a few GB of bandwidth in a month - careful if you have a capped allowance!

  Big L 266 10:24 29 Jul 2010


dms_05....I absolutely agree about the pleasure of wifi radio.BBC Lincolnshire is barely available on AM for a few daylight hours with FM reception being virtually non-existant.I can get BBC Cambridgeshire better which is odd when I'm 20 miles north of their border!

I liked the USA station 'Martini In The Morning' which plays mainly 50s easy listening but its not available on wifi anymore only on the internet.I've not got to Classic FM yet but will heed your advice about bandwidth. I'm not capped nor limited to what I can use,but its something I will definitely bear in mind.

If you're a fan of old offshore pirate radio,I've noticed 'Big L', 'Radio Caroline', 'Radio Northsea International' and 'Laser 558' are online as well. That said, I'll bet none of them are a patch on their original seafaring counterparts swaying in the North Sea! I hope Pirate Radio Essex (BBC Radio Essex coming from a Lightship moored at Harwich Pier) will make a return in August - all that nostalgia complete with reverb is an earful of fun!

Big L 266

  birdface 11:11 29 Jul 2010

I suppose when you hear music in every room and you don't have a radio thats when the problem starts.
I can't remember the last time I sat and listened to a radio,Probably about 40 + years ago.
Mind you with Television viewing getting worse I probably could be tempted back to the radio again.
I was going to say at least you don't need a License for it but it gets paid through the television license.
So everyone still pays for it whether they use it or not.

  Big L 266 22:01 29 Jul 2010


buteman....I've always liked radio even from the very early days of my education when teacher brought in a large boxed speaker from which a programme of the Home Service would be broadcast.I was fascinated with radio and now at 56 its still with me.

When I lived in Londinium,I liked LBC Nightline especially with Dan Daemon and Adrian Love the latter of whom I visited when he was on-air.A dear lovely man. Thanks to my wi-fi I can hear LBC Nightline with Clive Bull again.I wish my wi-fi radio would play my computer-based cd collection but sadly it doesn't.

If my letterbox Panasonic goes wrong after 2012 when the warranty runs out,I'd not replace it with another. TV - especially commercial tv - drives me up the wall.My love affair with radio has been there since the Light Programme of the early 1960s and my grandads bakelite Phillips valve radio - a far cry from 2010 some 50 years later!

Bring back Mrs Dales' Diary!

Big L 266

  birdface 22:11 29 Jul 2010

I think Dick Barton Special Agent was on the radio the last time I listened to it.
No batteries or electricity in those days it was accumulators or something like that we had instead.

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