laser recommendation

  SWJ 13:57 26 Mar 2003

I need a new printer for SO/HO use..
As quality, speed and usage cost is key I have decided that a laser printer would be a good choice. Having used an HP 4 and 4M in the past this would fit the bill.. but these are now not made new - but can be picked up as refurbs for about £70. However, I recently seen a Samsung ML4500 on dabs and ebuyer @ £69 new.. it also is a 600 dpi laser..

so my question is - does anyone have any experience with this samsung and what would your recommendation be. I know the HP is a good office workhorse - would the samsung be up to the job ?



  €dstow 15:01 26 Mar 2003

I have several ML1210s which is a similar Samsung model and several forum members have the ML4500. I have to say that mine are some of the best general use printers I have had. They work and work without complaint, seldom need new toner and generally they are very good print quality - certainly good enough to create the right impression with business letters.

At the price these printers are, you can't really go wrong and when you take into account the savings in ink/toner, they work out a very considerably cheaper than any inkjet.


  Tenner 15:16 26 Mar 2003

Try Search at the top of page OR click here

These might convince you


  Ghetto SupaSTAR 03:31 27 Mar 2003

I bought this printer for £67.50 inc VAT only three months ago...

For value for money, it is an excellent printer. Text is sharp and crisp, however, graphics are not very well defined, even at 600 dpi and with toner save function off. In my opinion, I would go for the HP LaserJet, but the only reason I didn't was that I was getting a laser printer at a bargain price.

You might be better off getting the latest Samsung IZZI 2 laser printer which has a USB connection and 8 MB cache RAM. This printer uses HP PCL6 which is far superior to the proprietory page description language used in the ML4500.

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