Laser printer for domestic use?

  Effie 23:37 14 Jun 2006

Please, could members suggest a printer for home use ?
My last two printers were Epson and in both cases, became terminal with clogged heads so am not keen to have another inkjet.

My current needs of a printer is mainly for mono.I expect that any printer would only be needed to print off a few pages at a time on a weekly basis. However, it would be useful be be able to print in colour on occasion hence I am considering getting a colour laser printer.Price range up to £250 or thereabouts.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 01:38 15 Jun 2006

Go down my route and get both - a laser for high volume mono printing and an inkjet for the occasional colour. As long as you have the space, it is a good idea and for your budget you will get a good setup.

  harryoo 07:27 15 Jun 2006

Dabs are offering HP 2605 Colour Lazerjet for £199.

  wint 09:51 15 Jun 2006

I have had the same thoughts as Effie.

Have domestic colour laser printers improved enough to print photographs yet?

  HondaMan 09:59 15 Jun 2006

I use a KM2430DL for ALL my normal work. Its a great printer with the option for a duplex unit if you have the need for it. Much cheaper to run than an inkjet.

  Effie 10:28 15 Jun 2006

Food for thought folks.Many thanks.

HondaMan, I'm very interested in the one you are suggesting. Have you used it at all for any photographic printouts as being able to print occasional photos which were of a good quality would be an additional bonus for me?

  ajm 10:59 15 Jun 2006

Lexmark C522N. Currently selling for approx £370.00 There is a cashback offer of £150.00 making the total price aroudn £220.00

  spuds 11:01 15 Jun 2006

If you have a requirement for a basic laser printer, then look at the Samsung range when on special offer at PC World, Staples, Ebuyer etc, usually less than £50.00.

I use a Samsung ML-4500, good little mono workhorse. Fill the toner cartridge yourself, and print per copy runs out very cheap.

  HondaMan 12:48 15 Jun 2006

Yes, I have. Whilst it does a reasonable job for proofing, it cannot compare to a dedicated photo-printer, or even a good inkjet.

For photos I use a Hi-Ti730PS or a Canon IP8500. It really depends on (a) what you want to do as the main purpose and (b) how much you can afford to spend. Try the review section of PCA and see if that helps.

Good luck!

  Effie 18:39 16 Jun 2006

Thanks HondaMan for your information. As I said in my introduction, I've had bad expereinces of inkjets, Epsons in particular.

Because of my concerns re the heads on any other inkjet going a similar way my feeing are that a laser might be the best way to go as I dont do much printing at all??? I'm therefore in a dilemma and unsure how to proceed from here ? inkjet? laser? both?

Suggestions anyone?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:44 16 Jun 2006

I use my deskjet about once a month for colour and it's about 2 years since I put in a new cartridge so clogging is not a problem for me. Most HPs have the print head on the cartridge anyway so a new cartridge means a new print head. Expensive for volume printing but ideal when combined with a high volume laser.

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