laser eye surgery

  jimmybond 13:57 19 Jun 2007

ok not strictly PC related, but maybe someone can help. I've finally decided to go for laser surgery to correct my vision - my eyesight isn't awful but need them for driving, watching tv etc.

Anyway, fed up with the cost & hassle - (motorbike crash helmets are a pain!) - so taking the plunge.

Have had a look round the internet, but the number of places you can get this done, the range of treatments and prices - it's fairly confusing. You really don't want second best where your eyes are concerned!

Anyone have any recommendations or advice? - price not really an issue but don't want to pay over the odds, would like the best result (is that wavefront treatment?)

  amonra 14:17 19 Jun 2007

Like everything else, personal recommendation is everything. Talk to any of your friends/family/acquaintances who have had things done. Remember it's a once-only proceedure and cannot be reversed ! I have some family members who have had it, no complaints, but I'm a bit wary still.
Good luck.

  karl1975 15:01 19 Jun 2007

I had mine done with Ultralase at their Newcastle clinic last December and have not regretted it since! I've just had my six month check up with them and my eyes are two better than 20/20 (which means I can read two lines lower than the 20/20 line on the chart). I had Lasek wavefront which cost £3000. A lot of money but worth paying for (these are your eyes we are talking about after all).

My consultation was free and lasted about an hour or so and they let me know then and there whether or not I was suitable for surgery.

My surgery was done the week after and took all of twenty minutes and was completely painless.

My advice - research the issue and those providing the service, and if you're happy go for it.

  jimmybond 15:12 19 Jun 2007

thanks for that - £3000 seems a bit more expensive than others, for the same treatment - what convinced you to go with ultralase?

I think I am happy to "go for it", as it were - it's just panic setting in, at the thought of sitting in a chair and having something burning away at my eyes! I guess I won't be watching 'hostel part 2' when it comes out ;-)

  karl1975 15:22 19 Jun 2007

What convinced me to go with Ultralase?

I got told that they offered a particular type of treatment that no other clinic provided (Wavefront). Their normal treatment was £2000 without it. The wavefront was much more precise in its scanning of the eye so therefore mapped the eye more carefully and made sure that it picked up all it's surface inperfections.

I can only give you my own experiences and can say I am very happy. There is an ultralase forum which you could google which answers any questions and features many people in your position i.e. being in two minds about having it done.

You could always make an appointment for a free consultation with them and see how you feel afterwards. If someone else is offering the same treatment at a better price than go with them instead. They told me that they weren't the dearest or the cheapest.

All in all they were very professional and answered and questions and worries I had.

  Cymro. 15:49 19 Jun 2007

Like many things, or should I have said some things? such surgery has become less expensive

over the last few years. But I would have thought it would be better to risk paying over

the odds than having a bad job done just to save money. Go for the best you can afford.

With your eyesight it is much too important to take any risks.

  PUNKA 21:42 19 Jun 2007

Had mine done January of this year (wavefront) too and never looked back. Ha Ha.
Absolutely the best thing ever,the most discomfort you get is the "onion stinging your eyes" effect after surgery, but once you are past that it's a whole new world.
All types of eye problems are catered for, and a woman I got chatting to had come from London to Birmingham because she couldn't get the treatment she required there and she was very Impressed with her results. I had given a great deal of thought to it and read the forums,ultralase have good and bad stories on their forum and are completely open and honest thats what made up my mind for me personally.A lot of money I know but you get what you pay for and when it comes to my mincers that was a no brainer. HTH.

  mymate 20:28 20 Jun 2007

click here
There is a lot of people talking about Laser surgery on the above web page

  Totally-braindead 22:12 20 Jun 2007

Someone I know in my club has had laser treatment, unfortunatly I don't know with which company but it cost him over £2500 and its only worked properly with one eye, the other still has some problems which they are trying to rectify.
I did ask him about the adverts on TV, you know from £500 an eye, and he said it depended greatly on what you needed done.
Hes not too happy at the moment because of the problems he still has but seems sure it will get sorted out shortly.
I'm not likely to see him for a few months so I can't really ask for more info unfortunatly.

  ynohtna 04:44 21 Jun 2007

I had epi lasik + wave front (the one where they cut the flap) with Ultralase getting on for 2 years ago at their Guildford clinic. I researched the surgey for around 8 months before having it done, went to various seminras, joined various forums etc.. Ultralase was the name that kept coming back, excellent care, excellent customer service, excellent after care / follow ups, and to be honest, it was all true! Hardly a bad review was found. Cost me just under £3000, interest free for 18 months. Its up to you if you wanted a cheaper option, but you get what you pay for... do some searching and make some conclusions, join some forums and get chatting, oh and get a check up to see if your suitable (mine was free). Google is your friend! I was -5.00 in each eye with asigmatism, now i can see just fine, but to compensate for the astigmatism they intentionally left me +0.25 in one eye. Doesnt affect my day to day at all except reading glasses when driving / computering. i'd worn specs for over 20 years... its agreat sense of freedom without them (especially as my sight was so poor) things like swimming and seeing where you're going, squeezing a crash helmet on with our bending anything and actually being able to watch the hairdresser cut my hair! not to mention those awful, fiddly contact lenses!!!

  jgeorge33 23:30 09 Jul 2007

The cost of the surgery can be lower or higher due to how bad your eyes are, so you shouldn't judge by cost alone. Here's a good resource: <a href="click here">Cost of LASIK eye surgery</a>.

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