Large TFT Screen help

  pcolvin00 21:52 13 Jul 2005

I'm looking to buy a rather large TFT screen. Pref DVI input. I'm looking at 21 inch, maybe 20, with a screen refresh of 8ms (if possible).

I'm going to be using it for Graphics manipulation, drawing, gaming, and lots of DTP. Just would like some general ideas about which models you would recommend. I'm looking to spend under 600 if possible...might narrow the range too much though.

  Dragon Heart 00:06 14 Jul 2005

If you're going to be using it for graphics , drawing, gaming, and DTP why get a TFT ?

You'd get better resolution out of a CRT monitor

For example :-

Samsung 21" SM213T TFT about £600 + VAT Max. Resolution 1600 x 1200

Samsung 21" SM1100DF/21" CRT about £300 + VAT Max. Resolution 2048 x 1536

Phillips 22" 202P40 CRT about £321 + VAT Max. Resolution 2048 x 1536

If you're short of space on your desk just think of the new desk you could get for the £200 you save getting a CRT !

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  freaky 09:47 15 Jul 2005

If it's any help I purchased earlier this week a Iiyama ProLite E481S 19" TFT with a response rate of 8msec. This equivalent in viewable size to a 21" CRT. I paid £286 including VAT and delivery.

This replaced a Iiyama 19" Vision Master Pro 451. I am extremely pleased with it and it has freed up a lot of desk space. The power consumption of the CRT was 140watt compared to 40watt for the new TFT. Consequently my work area is considerably cooler!

This has DVI input and three modes, (a) Video/Games (b) text and (c) economy. This is my second TFT and I would not buy another CRT again.

  pcolvin00 15:08 20 Jul 2005

I'm going to uni so the size and consequently how much space it takes up starts to matter. And my working area is deffo too hot coz of my CRT. I know coz I can feel the room get warmer as I use it.

I've become quite drawn to the ViewSonicVP201B TFT. If anyone has any reccommendations on that one I'd like to know.

Or other monitors they would reccommend of similar size as i'm used to a 21" at home and between 19 and 23 at various other places. Just want to cut down the size and flicker that I can get after long hours of use.

  Forum Editor 18:03 20 Jul 2005

both for graphics work and general use, but sonce I started using TFT screens my big Samsung CRTs are sitting in a corner of my office, unused.

I have two personal TFT screens on my desk - one is a 19" AOC and the other (delivered today) is a rather gorgeous Ultraslim LG Flatron. It looks sensational, and the display is faultless, not a dodgy pixel in sight. Interestingly the two TFTs are slightly different in terms of colour rendition - the new LG is slightly warmer by default than the AOC (which is a stunning display as well).

To be honest, I don't notice that I have less screen space with a 19" TFT when compared to a 21" CRT, and of course I gained acres of desk space.

If you're interested my new screen is an LG L1980Q and cost a shade over £300 - you can see it if you.
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  slowhand_1000 20:55 20 Jul 2005

If it's anything to go by, I've just bought a 19" ViewSonic VP191b and not a dead pixel either. Crisp display, bags of adjustment, DVI.

The Illyama Pro is now confined to the cupboard.

  shizzy 21:29 20 Jul 2005

My Viewsonic is only 17in but very good and no dead pixels either.

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