Laptop...Tosh or Sony Dodgy?

  allegedly 23:22 28 Jun 2009

Hi all, Rob, newbie here. Had a couple of desktops over the years and used laptops at work a lot but finally getting round to buying one for myself (and kids, ofcourse!) so I've trawled through the web checking out whats available, within my price range,£450ish,(jeez!)
I've liked the look of Sonys and Toshiba for a while, almost purely aesthetics, so,whilst using the other popular brands as comparisons, I've narrowed it down to a few models in their ranges.
But I started to read some reviews, as you do, and was concerned to read that I've apparently choosen the two manufactures with the worst reliability and back up record!
This stuff isn't cheap so I was wondering if this is the case and it's general knowledge to those in the 'know' or have I just been unlucky to read reviews by a voiciferous minority!
Or lucky, maybe, to read 'em in time.
I'd really appreciate some input from those in the know, owners or otherwise
By the way, I've been looking for a low to midrange family/home use with 17", eg Tosh Satellite L350 171.
Thanks for reading this and looking forward to replies,

  Forum Editor 00:27 29 Jun 2009

are always heard, simply because they're vociferous. Happy consumers may form the majority, but they tend to stay silent - they're happy, so why bother posting on web forums, etc.?

I've used Toshiba laptops for years, in fact I have one now, and I've developed an affection for them. They tend to be well-built, and in my experience at least they are reliable performers. I've certainly never had a single problem with one.

I've used Sony machines over the years, but I've never owned one. I've not heard bad reports in terms of reliability from the people I know who have owned them.

Statistically the most popular laptop manufacturer is Hewlett Packard, with annual sales approaching 37 million units. In second place is Acer with almost 31 million. Toshiba comes next with sales of 22 million, followed by Dell with 16 million, and then Sony with 11 million.

  Jameslayer 00:28 29 Jun 2009

Could your clarify exactly what you will want to use it for. One mans mid range is another mans high range.

Im guessing internet and word processing.

  gazzaho 12:31 29 Jun 2009

I can't speak for Sony laptops but I do however own a Toshiba Satellite P100-188 which has worked fine for a couple of years, although recently cracks have developed in the casing around the hinges due to I imagine the stiffness of the hinges when shutting it. As the notebook is a couple of years old I haven't bothered contacting Toshiba as it's out of warranty.

  user8 12:54 29 Jun 2009

I'm on my 2nd Toshiba Laptop.
My last one dies after 10 years!
Well built, great customer service (if you need it!)

  ajm 13:12 29 Jun 2009

Over the years, I have owned for my own use Toshiba, Sony, HP & Apple Laptops and I have never had any major issues with them. Currently I have a SONY SZ laptop that I use for business purposes and the children have a Toshiba.

I have used various other makes like Acer, Dell, Samsung, IBM & Lenovo etc and have reports from people using these machines, except in relation to software.

Personally, one of the best Laptops I have had the fortune of using are the IBM/Lenovo ones - simply the build and quality is the best

  OTT_Buzzard 13:13 29 Jun 2009

got a Toshiba Sattelite (L300D-11V). It's been faultless and far superior (in my opinion!) to an equivelantly priced HP laptop that a relative bought at the same time.

  Curio 14:19 29 Jun 2009

Still got my Sony 98SE Laptop (£2600). Battery needs renewing but it keeps on going for Grandchildren's games. Currently got Dell XPS Laptop (Vista) and Samsung NC10 (XP) Netbook for wife. Like the Dell a lot.

  SB23 18:01 29 Jun 2009

My 2 oldest sons have just bought themselves a Toshiba Satellite L300 series machine each.
Both running Vista, and both brilliant machines.
For the money they both payed, (£300), I can't fault them.
They may even change my mind with regards to Vista, now thats saying something.

  allegedly 18:58 29 Jun 2009

Hi all. Great response and i don't mind saying it's put my mind at ease no end.
Forum ed, thanks.
Jamesl, yes, in a nutshell, usual home use stuff with a bit of report writing and the odd drawing in Visio or similar simple prog. My girls will use it for social net and games but they're pre and just in teens and at the risk of being called sexist, it won't be too complex stuff (though the 'Sims' can be memory hungry!).
Really like the appearance of the Sonys but with 17" it's beyond what I want to pay. However, I've found the Tosh mentioned above for £389 from ASK Direct,thats almost £60 less than Tosh's own site.
That raises my next question. Having never purchased from them, has anyone had dealings with them? After sales etc?
I don't puchase much on line (yet)and I'm kind of used to a bit of a haggle and trying to get freebies etc but the site doesn't offer anything over and above the machine itself. Though at the price, thats a bit swings and roundabouts.
John Lewis offer two years war't on theirs but it's a less powerful machine.
Think I'd better stop there, the phrase 'gift horse' and 'mouth' spring to mind!
Thanks for the advice all
Excellent site

  sunnystaines 08:27 30 Jun 2009

met a person with a 64bit toshiba with vista it was a very fast laptop well impressed.

we have had a sony for nearly 3 years very reliable laptop good display [has its own graphics card] also some useful software included.
But found support poor. The battery starting to wain now dropped from 2 to 2half hours surfing to about 40 mins sony asking around £150 for a new one.

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