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  Bartlet 14:07 30 Aug 2006

I am looking to replace my current HP Notebook and I want to move away from the high street retailer to an online company. I've used Dell before and would prefer not to use them again if possible, due to their after sales service.

Has anyone any comments on I've read the reviews of (same company I think?) which seem to be largely positive but Mail and Internet ordering laws are stronger in the UK than in Ireland and I dont wish to regret purchasing a notebook with them?

Any comments etc kindly received!

  Al94 14:48 30 Aug 2006

Your second paragraph says it all, I would stick to the UK one.

  Bartlet 15:04 30 Aug 2006

But the UK one will not deliver to Ireland. You're refered to their Irish Site!

  Stuartli 15:34 30 Aug 2006

Try click here

Based quite near where I live and the family has used it successfully to buy nearly new laptops by top brand names at very reasonable prices.

Also do spare parts, repairs etc.

  cyberping 15:57 30 Aug 2006

Try click here they have had good reviews in PCAdvisor & other PC Mags as well

  sean-278262 18:48 03 Sep 2006

Laptops direct is the same company in both places. They have a small warehouse in dublin which doesnt allow you to walk in but it is the same group as the one of the domain. Call them up is the better option. I had no bother with them and was more than happy about it.

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