Laptops and Windows 2000

  grandad89 20:26 14 Apr 2003

I upgraded a few months ago and swapped my trusty Acer laptop for the more upto date Sony Vaio running Win XP. Now, everything is fine as far as the Sony is concerned and - yes XP is quite good. The problem I am experiencing is that I cannot get my mobile phone to work with XP and I have some software that I use for work (interogating Chillers and Air Conditioning Units) and it will not work under XP.

There is not any later versions of the work software that is XP ready and it is causing lots of problems. The screen has nearly died on the Acer so I can't go back to that and it looks like £1200 is down the drain.

I've decided to take the plunge and buy a new laptop but all I see now is XP as the defacto standard for new kit. Does anyone know of a decent new laptop that is advertised with Win2000 as the OS?. I need USB and IR connections as standard on the machine.

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:38 15 Apr 2003

You may still be able to get someone like Dell to supply a Win2k laptop, others like Evesahm may also do so.

Failing that why not look for a 2nd user model, or buy a Win2k licence for your laptop and replace XP with 2000?

  John-259217 09:04 15 Apr 2003

It should be possible to make your mobile phone work with XP, I`ve not found a problem with several different Nokias and an Erikson to date. How are you setting it up? As regards your work software have you tried XP`s program compatability feature? It sometimes works.

  grandad89 20:29 15 Apr 2003

I've tried to install win2000 but then most of the drivers are missing from the laptop - seems like Sony have made the laptop bios etc specific for XP.

If I partition the disk and do a dual boot it works but the drivers are missing for the pci, modem. network, ports, etc. I've tried to find specific drivers on the net for the Sony but none seem to be available - even Sony don't reply to e-mails!

The Nokia is a 8310 and although I have downloaded the drivers and installed the phone cannot be connected or "found" by the laptop.

Any help would be welcome

  John-259217 21:28 15 Apr 2003

Afraid I have no suggestions regarding the Win2000 drivers- perhaps a post to the helproom might find someone able to help there.

With regards to the phone how did you want to use it? I find that establishing an Infrared link first and then installing a "simple modem over IR link" from control panel/modems usually works to get you up and running then create a dialup connection to use it. If you want the full functions available in the Nokia Communications Suite then you may have to persevere with it as it can be a pig sometimes getting it to see the phone as you have found. Just a thought are all the ports (IR or serial cable) enabled in the BIOS? Checking in device manager should confirm this.

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