Laptops from the little guys

  xdfbgxdyb2 22:17 06 Jan 2003
  xdfbgxdyb2 22:17 06 Jan 2003

I am looking for a new mid-to high end laptop - a light (2-5-3Kg) desktop replacement with the usual I/O and WiFi (eg Hi-Grade 5400, Rock Xeno etc etc - there are pleny of others). I'd like to get one from the smaller - preferably UK - companies companies if I can rather than the big boys.

But the independents might be winning PCA top 10 slots for performance but from what I have seen (admittedly from a small sample size) the build quality is dodgy - springy keyboards, shaky screens, wobbly CD slots etc etc. Is this the price you pay for the cheap deals? Or have I missed some

  Lú-tzé 08:47 07 Jan 2003

Have a look at Multivision's range of laptops - they get good reviews and are good quality builds.

  Magik™ 09:28 07 Jan 2003

whatever you buy someone will say this is not right or that could be better, when these things are road tested they have to make up some sort of story to fill the article..same with all consumer products, to drift a bit, they did a road test of the latest merc s-class, and you get things like, almost perfect, but we think the ashtray could have been put half an inch to the left, and the door handles half an inch higher.....anyway back to the point, you will not go far wrong with Rock.

  rickf 13:11 07 Jan 2003

Novatech has a good range at keen prices

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