New Neophyte 14:30 07 Dec 2004

This journal recommends the Tiny C825 as the best sub-£1000 model in this category. It seems a good buy (maybe too good?) but I've heard Tiny suffers from poor reliability and build quality. The one year warranty scares me a bit too! My PC and laptop are Dell models-which I have been happy with-but the features available for the same price from Dell don't stand comparison with the Tiny, so perhaps it's time for a change?

Is the Tiny worth considering?

Has anyone ever owned anything by Tiny?

Are they good value or poor products sold cheap?

All advice gratfully recieved.


New N

  New Neophyte 16:03 07 Dec 2004

Erm-thanks, but the Tchibo site has no high end electronics listed. Do they sell electronic goods in the UK?



  TomJerry 16:04 07 Dec 2004
  TomJerry 16:06 07 Dec 2004

big picture on the right next to all nice ladys.

  New Neophyte 16:11 07 Dec 2004

LOL-many thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

Tiny charge for that extended warranty big time-but don't they all!



  Forum Editor 18:16 07 Dec 2004

and I'll close the thread.

  Demora 22:18 08 Dec 2004

I had a Tiny PC bought in 1996. A p133 and it still works never had any problems with it. I keep it as a backup. It has been upgraded a little ie cd rewriter and better sound card etc but all still going strong


  New Neophyte 00:20 09 Dec 2004

Thanks for that Demora


  Total Care Support 12:27 09 Dec 2004

Hi New Neophyte

I hope the others above have helped with your questions.

Obviously I would sound like a sales man if I sang and danced about the company or the machines.

As the UKs Manufacturers of computers, in the last year less than 5% of our customers contacted us, of those 80% of contacts were resolved on the telephone with no further contact being needed regarding that contact. Of the calls to the technical lines approx 80% of these are software related and can be resolved on the telephone also.

The extened support packages are there to offer a additional service, for example a notebook components are expensive items to replace, an Extended package gives you cover for that item for the term of the package not just for the manufactures 12 months whether you go for a 3 or 5 year package. (there are fixed term packages one payment, there are also "rolling" packages where you pay a monthly fee and any time after the first 12 months you can cancel and stop paying for the package [to cancel we do ask that you write in as we need a signature from you the customer] )

I am a forum rep and not a sales guy, as there are lots of other advantages to a new user taking out a extended support package, please feel free to call one of the national rated sales line and ask questions, or even pop into one of the shops "The Computer Shop" and take to the staff in there.

And at the end of the day it is a optional package, and as a consummer you need to purchase something that suits your needs.

Best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]
click here

  New Neophyte 12:31 09 Dec 2004


Many thanks. That you take the trouble to respond says a lot about your organisation and all of it good.


  New Neophyte 12:31 09 Dec 2004


Many thanks. That you take the trouble to respond says a lot about your organisation and all of it good.


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