Laptops £500-£600

  hector673 22:22 19 Oct 2006

Hi everyone,

I've spent all evening trawling forums (30 min break for Extra's) and this seems by far the best, so I joined!
Now I need help, my 14 year old daughter needs a laptop for school work, msn, internet, music, dvd's and if possible playing Sims2 (So i can reclaim my computer)
I'm tempted with the Dell 6400 but reviews state the graphics are no good for games.
Is it possible to spend no more than £600 and have a laptop that will play Sims2?
I look forward to your comments,



  spuds 12:38 20 Oct 2006

Not sure about the Dell 6400, so I will leave the answer to more knowledgeable people.

What I would suggest though, is a visit to PC World, as they have a good selection of laptops at about the £499/£599 range. Explain exactly what you want (make this clear), and if it fails your test, then you have PCW returns policy or consumer law to fall back onto.

  def90csw 12:46 20 Oct 2006
  sean-278262 13:24 20 Oct 2006

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

All the same place but any of those with a graphics card that isnt on board will do. Sorry for not being more specific but just used these same ones in a similar case elsewhere.

  utdred 09:50 21 Oct 2006

My advice - dont rush into anything. Have a good look around. Heres a few to be looking at:

click here

click here

  Kate B 15:11 21 Oct 2006

The Sims2 is quite demanding of a graphics chipset - I haven't looked at the links suggested by the others but I think you'll need a separate graphics card, which might take you out of your budget as I imagine most, if not all, of the ones the others have kindly looked up will have integrated graphics.

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