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  Mysticnas 09:05 13 Mar 2007

Hi all,

I'm on the lookout for a bargain, who isn't?

Anyway, i find myself requiring a laptop as i intend to work out of home and office now.

I'm after preferably a HP, Tosh or Sony. My brother spotted a deal Staple about 6months ago on a HP Pavillion which was on sale for £500. He bought one, I on the other hand though, "what do i need a laptop for? I'm either at my desk at work or at my desk at home!"

As sods law goes, i now need one. :o(.

I like the build on the HP, Tosh and Sony's. Dell, Acer and the likes put me off a little. Ideally an IBook would be great, but i'm not too hot on Macs, besides they aren't cheap anyway.


If anyone spots any bargains i'd greatly appreciate it if you could post it up on here.

Many thanks.

  Zero G 09:43 13 Mar 2007

Toshiba with out doubt the best in the business.
I'm currently on my 3rd Toshiba Laptop, all have done great work, the last 2 still work, but a bit out dated.

If you live near Cheshire Oaks or Ashford in Kent Toshiba have 2 Outlet stores. click here= for more info.
Lots of different brands to choose from.
I found one at Morgan Computers, but wanted to buy from Toshiba as i prefer to deal directly with them. Great service & got the laptop within 5 days of ordering it.

It is by far the best Laptop i have ever owned.
Typing onit as i write this whilst chilling out:)

  Mysticnas 09:49 13 Mar 2007

regarding spec, use and budget:

Duo Core would be nice or a AMD alternative. I'll use it initially for development work, .NET, java etc...

However, that doesn't rule out using it for other stuff at a later date, definately not for games or multimedia work, I have a seperate rig for that.

I don't have a have specific target price as such, but near £500 would be nice.

Spec I'd prefer a Duo Core, 1gb ram, 80gb hdd, wifi and 128mb graphics preferably.

The budget and spec isn't set in stone though.

  Aspman 10:53 13 Mar 2007

Cash back on HP business notebooks right now (NX series)

Toshiba is also offering cash back.

I picked up an HP NX6325 with the AMD Turion 64x2 TL-60(2GHz) 1Gb ram for £582 minus £100 cash back (£482) last week.

It's down to £572 now (still with £100 cash back).

Running XPpro though not Vista and no free upgrade. But I've seen Vista running and I deliberately avoided it.

Check Ebuyer, they're listing the cash back deals with the machines.

The Toshiba deals are on more expensive machines but still good offers.

  Kate B 11:07 13 Mar 2007

Don't write off an iBook - I've had a bottom-of-the-range iBook doing me sterling service for three solid years now and I fully expect to carry on using it for the foreseeable.

It was a little more expensive than a bogstandard cheap Windows laptop but it's never given me a moment's worry, I haven't had to spend time patching, scanning, defragging etc and it really is a joy when out and about because its Airport Express card just finds hotspots and offers to connect if it can, no messing. It does, as the marketing campaign says, just work. It's a delight when travelling.

And it's tough as old boots - it's been slung in bags and lugged around on to planes and trains and still it keeps on churning away.

  Mysticnas 11:10 13 Mar 2007

They're just way overpriced for what you're getting. Sorry to say but it's true. Been looking at some refurbed ones, and for the budget i've got best i'll get is a tiny 13" screen and a 512mb ram.

Yes they do look pretty and are very small and compact, but really impractical for what i need them for. Ideally i'd like a 17" but i can't afford that so i'm after a 15.4".

Thanks anyway though.

  Mysticnas 11:24 13 Mar 2007

Brother has just offered my his old thinkpad to give me a little more time to find a good deal.

Although that deal on ebuyer for the tosh 6325 looks pretty good. I've got until end of April to buy one to qualify for the deal.

  wjrt 11:39 13 Mar 2007
  chub_tor 12:03 13 Mar 2007

This would be my choice and it's cheaper than getting it from ebuyer click here

  Mysticnas 12:09 13 Mar 2007

the build on the Acers is similar to Dells. I don't really like it, it feels quite plasticy and low quality to be honest.

They're not really put together as well as the Thinkpad, HP, Tosh or Sony.

Thanks anyway.

  J B 20:25 13 Mar 2007

Have a look at these two HP Notebooks
click here

click here

The only thing about these are the number of USB ports, that is if you are worried about them. J.B.

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