Laptop Water Resistant Covering?

  soldatengrab 10:08 15 Jul 2007

I work full time as a club DJ, and I've recently made the transition to Laptop DJing, something I should have done a long time ago, but I worry about the "what ifs", and get many a sleepless night fearing what might happen were a hapless punter to trip or fall (lets face it, when surrounded by drunkards its pretty likely to happen at somepoint).

Is there some kind of PVC or rubber sleeve for my laptop that I can purchase somewhere, that I can use to negate this risk? I've looked everywhere and figured I'd best ask the experts!

Thanks in advance!


  Forum Editor 10:19 15 Jul 2007

you want something that would protect your computer whilst it's open and running?

  soldatengrab 10:24 15 Jul 2007

many thanks for the swift reply

thats right yeah, I know I've seen things like what I'm thinking of in the past, something like a sleeve of thin plastic or pvc/rubber that would go over the laptop, so that water will just hit the sleeve, which doesnt run into my nice laptop, and mean an unexpected end to my DJing for the night!


  PalaeoBill 12:09 15 Jul 2007

Covering the whole laptop is probably not practical unless you are considering something like a tent as there are breathing issues to worry about.

We use these protective keyboard membranes on bar tills and they are very effective. The material is thin enough & strong enough to give a decent feel to the keyboard too. The company make chemical resistant protective film for the TFT screens as well but I haven't tried it (we have never had a blown screen due to spillage).

click here&

  PalaeoBill 12:10 15 Jul 2007

click here

Sorry link problem in last post.

  soldatengrab 13:04 15 Jul 2007

Thanks Bill, that is EXACTLY the kind of product I was looking for, I knew they must have been made somewhere. You've potentially saved me a replacement laptop :P

Do you know if they have a UK distributor?

  Taff™ 13:08 15 Jul 2007

Friend of mine does exactly the same thing with a laptop I supplied him. However he sets up the laptop with a large 19" external monitor (which he uses for Karaoke) and a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse. The laptop sits on a shelf beneath his rig and the lid is closed at all times.

If you don`t do the Karaoke bit a simple 15" LCD would do you. He can obviously move the wireless keyboard and mouse out of the way when he`s set up the next set of tracks to be played.

  PalaeoBill 15:32 15 Jul 2007


That link is to their UK/Europe arm. I have to admit that it has been some time since we bought any and we dealt direct with the States then.
We did look at some similar UK products but the quality and 'feel' when typing was not as good and I can't remember who the other suppliers were anyway. Sorry, perhaps someone else can make a suggestion.

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