Is this laptop value?

  qwerty52 22:42 22 Aug 2011

Hi all,

Been looking at laptops recently and this is the best I've found. Do you guys think it represents value for money?

I'm hoping to get a powerful laptop for general use that is also capable of some gaming, not cutting edge stuff (obviously at this price!), Minecraft etc. I know I don't need to spend so much just for Minecraft, and I'm keen to think what sort of games you guys feel this laptop is capable of running.

A very similar Dell XPS 15 is available for similar money, but with less RAM (6 Gb). Is Dell a better brand?

Are there other alternatives that I may have missed? £850 is the absolute limit for me.

Thanks for any help, Much appreciated.

  Covergirl 13:24 24 Aug 2011

Impressive specs. Unfortunately it appears to be £899 and therefore above of your "absolute limit" of £850. Or is there a £50 saving on that if you spend over £200 on laptops?

However, best idea would be to compare the specs with the available stock in Currys, PC World and Comet.

Although the beauty of buying from a supermarket is that they don't really know what they're selling, so when the laptop develops a fault or dies suddenly, they will probably just replace it without the fuss of a PC World Tech Guys investigation.

By the way, is Minecraft (etc) really so resource hungry - what I mean is do you really need an i7 processor and 8GB RAM? Or to put it simpler, are you wasting money when a £400-500 PC will fulfil the same function?

  qwerty52 16:54 24 Aug 2011

Yeah that's right, there's 50 pound off this laptop.

No I don't think Minecraft needs such a powerful laptop necessarily. But I'm not really sure what this laptop is capable of. Any extra performance is a bonus.

To clarify I'm looking for best performance for my budget as opposed to good performance from a low budget.

Do you feel this laptop is good value? Do you know of any alternatives that beat it?

Thanks again for the reply, much appreciated.

  HondaMan 17:52 24 Aug 2011

Seems reasonable. This is offering

  Covergirl 20:41 24 Aug 2011

Again - seems reasonable. At that price point you can get a few different manufacturers touting an i7, 8GB, 1TB HDD & BluRay, and for those specs you can even pay a little more or a little less.

Therefore if everyone is selling the same thing around the same price, it's VFM. You've obviously been shopping around and done your research. Go for it.

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