Laptop suppliers: Dell, Evesham & Rock

  pmjd 14:59 27 Apr 2004

I am in the process of buying a new laptop from Rockdirect. However, tomorrow we are sending away a previous Rock to be looked at due to power problems. This will be the third time in the space of a year that this particular laptop has been sent away, though not for the same problem.

Also the hassle of trying to amend the order this morning to buy an accessory (sales person told us to call support people???) did cause us to have a bit of a worry about their competence.

Thinking back, the first machine from them died after two years (sadly and too expensively out of it's warranty) and a second has had to go back due to screen problems plus we have the machine I mentioned at the start.

They are very good about the problems and their 3 year collect and return warrenty is very good.

From my experiences I am begining to have a few doubts and consider some other companies. So far I have looked at Dell and Evesham as they offer 3 year on-site warrenties but there notebooks don't have quite the same features available as Rock (the DVD writer that does +,- and ram formats I have only seen on Rock's machines so far).

What I'm particularly interested in is build quality. Many magazine reviews may say great build quality but how can they tell when they have so little time to reviewing it.

So I would like to know peoples experiences good & bad and how useful you have found options like onsite warrenties from these companies.

Some of the posts I have read regarding Evesham were interesting as alot seemed to have laptop problems in the first week or so; it may have been sorted but I would expect a brand new laptop to be working perfectly. The general impression was of a company with a previous good reputation starting to slide. The job cuts announced at the start of the year can't be helping things either.

So guys and gals would you like to share some of your experiences??


  TomJerry 15:39 27 Apr 2004

For some of my friends' experience, dell's support is excellent if you work for a big company. I have a friend who works for a big international company and she can phone dell's tech support with ease anytime and anywhere in the world no matter the computer's comany's or her own. But, I also have a friend who does not have big company support and bought a dell laptop for himself, he had a lot of trouble yo sort out delivery and tech support problem. He is, however, happy with the laptop once the problems are sorted.

  pmjd 19:14 27 Apr 2004

Any thoughts on them?

  Sir Radfordin 19:25 27 Apr 2004

Acer are on of the firms that make laptops, rather than selling rebadged ones. They have very good spec/price ratios and are good bits of kit.

I have just had one repaired under warranty and whilst the process wasn't anything to shout about it wasn't awful.

You win some you loose some in this game.

  Steven135 01:34 28 Apr 2004

Just bought an Evesham Laptop 2.8 gig Pentium 4 worked perfectly our of the box very pleased really good screen battery life 2.5 hours.

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  Chronos 14:19 28 Apr 2004

my first laptop was Rock and the next Dell, my son now has the Rock, both were taken out the packing, plugged in, and have never missed a beat.

  claudine 15:55 28 Apr 2004

I bought a laptop from evesham in January -voyagerxii centrino ( I think). It has worked perfectly since it arrived and has really good battery life.

  computernerdiamnot 16:49 29 Apr 2004

I bought a acer ferrari 3000 in Feb and so far this is one of the best built Laptops i have bought with all the latest gadgets +-Dvd infra red, bluetooth wifi g rated card the only gripe is the 2.5 battery time but i have a in-car adapter so charge on the move. The only down side to acer is they come with a one year international warranty but the extended warranty is quite cheap £99. You have to find a stockist and can phone them and place an order and pick up in the next day or two. Any problems and you take back to stockist.

  spuds 18:58 29 Apr 2004

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned on this forum the new Dell computer and Brother printer system that my local medical practice had recently installed. Since that time I have made a number of visits to various medical centres in my county, and it is surprising that nearly everyone as a Dell computer and Brother printer system installed and being used. To me this would represent some very efficient sales talk or some very good hardware.Looking at the systems, I would say Dell would take a awfull lot of beating.

  Brian111 22:27 29 Apr 2004

I tend to agree with Tom Jerry. I bought a Dell Inspiron and found Dell rather disinterested in repairing the fault. As for on-site warranty..... In exasperation I eventually persuaded my work IT department to look at it... result.... one day later sorted by contacting Dell support.

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