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  laurie53 08:42 29 Dec 2006

My wife has decided she wants a new laptop.

She is disabled and amid the welter of Centrino, dual core, memory and hard disk size it actually comes down to - Is it light enough to be carried in one hand, and can it be opened with one hand!

It's amazing how quickly salespeople lose interest when she explains her requirements. (She's going for a Tosh U 200)

It's the same when we get a new car. Never mind 0-60, urban cycle, insurance groups etc. Has it got a nice flat floor that we can run the power chair straight up onto? (Citroen Picasso)

The choice might be limited, but by golly it makes things so much simpler!


  georgemac © 16:31 29 Dec 2006

I have also been looking for a laptop for my daughters fiance, and find the choice bewildering - I am now considering AMD Turion, but finding realistic comparisons between these and intel seems nigh on impossible.

Must be much worse when you also have to take in the other factors for your wife as well.

  Jak_1 16:38 29 Dec 2006

Why not go to PC World and do a test drive so to speak. Have a look at what's on offer and see if any fit her requirements.

  laurie53 20:03 29 Dec 2006

Thanks, we've done all our "research - that's how she decided on the Tosh!


  sean-278262 05:26 30 Dec 2006

May I make a somewhat odd suggestion? Obviously I have no idea what the nature of your wifes disability is so this may be well out but have you considered just having the home PC and getting her some sort of smartphone/pda? I have a treo 650 and with it you really do not need a computer. I can write emails. Make calls. Type office documents. Do just about all my laptop can. And newer devices can even browse the wireless web. PDA's these days are much the same minus the phone part obviously. For my phone you can get keyboards and alsorts of other extras.

For my phone the older treo 650 still the best one in my eyes. It would be much cheaper too. The kind of laptop you sound like you are looking for would be about £1000.

Phone £120 (ebay sim free)
Memory £20 for 1gb if it comes with none
Keyboard £40 (less on ebay)

Maybe I have read your post wrong but if somesort of wireless freedom is what she is after a phone or PDA may well be the best way out. Otherwise take a trip on dabs and check out some of the ultraportable machines on offer. Finally do take a hard look at the PDA market as there are some larger ones obviously not as well spec'd as a laptop but are lighter and cheaper that may be worth a look.

Good look in finding something useful and do keep us posted.


  laurie53 09:07 30 Dec 2006

Thanks for the response, but as she's only got the use of one hand a PDA is not practical without some sort of holder, which itself must be suitable for one handed use.

As far as phones go, she can only hold a phone for a limited amount of time, after two minutes her one usable arm starts to weaken.

Like I said, she's done her research, and decided where she's going. My post was really just to point out, a bit tongue in cheek, that it is not always processor speed and hard disk size which are the controlling factors when buying.

Quote "Must be much worse when you also have to take in the other factors for your wife as well."

Not really, exact opposite! Walk up to the display, try the catch and lid, walk on!


  Forum Editor 09:54 30 Dec 2006

from Speakers Corner.

  wee eddie 10:25 30 Dec 2006

based on suitability of vehicle and a flat rear access. This lack of restraining ledge can, of course, be a major disadvantage to others.

What you are trying to say is right. We should spend less time worrying about details that will probably be unnoticeable to us during operation, can any of us count in milliseconds, and concentrate on more salient features.

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