laptop speakers

  madferrit 06:07 11 Aug 2005

can anyone suggest a good set of speakers for my lap top they need to be small i'm looking at spending around £25 i'm not expecting fantastic sound but i want the best i can for the cash

  Diodorus Siculus 08:57 11 Aug 2005

click here

These are probably as good as you will get unless you have an audio card which will accept 2.1 sound; choose the collect at store option and they are yours for less than £7.

  madferrit 20:39 11 Aug 2005

i have been looking at these

  madferrit 20:41 11 Aug 2005

doh did that a bit wrong
Creative TravelSound titanium driver portable speakers Item number: 6790636871 e bay

  Stuartli 20:59 11 Aug 2005

You'll be lucky to make any, if at all, savings on the e-Bay offer after adding p and p even if you top the bidding - basic price is under £40.

  GaT7 00:38 12 Aug 2005

For comparison (or even purchase) click here for retail prices of Creative speakers - the INC VAT prices mentioned include FREE delivery. Some TravelSound models are featured near the bottom.

If your laptop can take 2.1 speakers (which will include a subwoofer - better sound but not very portable), I would recommend them over a bog standard 2-speaker setup. Stick to a known good make like Creative/Logitech/Altec Lansing & you should be OK.

Some time ago I purchased a lovely Creative 2.1 set off Ebay which cost £20 delivered (use it with a desktop PC).

2.1 Speakers at Ebay: click here

Creative 2.1 speakers at Ebay: click here

Logitech 2.1 £25 delivered: click here. G

  GaT7 00:50 12 Aug 2005

More PC speakers (sorted by ascending prices): click here. G

  madferrit 02:19 12 Aug 2005

think i'll go for these
click here

  Mavisk 11:04 13 Aug 2005

I recently got those travelsound speakers for my mp3 player from Amazon for £30 delivered and am very happy with them.

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