Laptop Screens

  Ancient Learner 15:52 06 Aug 2005

I have suddenly been plunged into the world of Laptops.

Amongst many decisions to be made is the size of the screen, and I am a little confused with that.

The 'normal' size appears to be 15" or 15.4". But there is also a 17.1" which is called a wide screen. Is this 17.1" really a practical size, or is it just a bit of a gimmick. Are there any larger screens available, or a 17" which is not a wide screen.

The main use of the Laptop would be games and surfing, with a little bit of spread sheet work, and weight is not a problem, only the sheer bulk of a tower, separate sreen etc is.

I admit that, in this field, I know even less than my normal, which is abismal, and I am trying to h=get up to speed as it were!

Any comments would be most gratefully received.

  ade.h 16:45 06 Aug 2005

It's influenced to a certain extent by the size of laptop that you are willing to live with, which is, in turn, influenced by how and where you will use it.

On a smallish laptop, without going too small, a 15.4" widescreen is nice. A widescreen has three plusses; the chassis will be quite shallow, the keyboard won't be too narrow, and of course, word processing and web browsing are well accomodated.

If you'd prefer something more akin to a desktop replacement, then a 17" screen is desirable.

14" screens a bit too small for much more than occasional use, but the laptop will be small and light.

Remember that screen size/shape dictates chassis size/shape and thus influences weight. It's all about compromise.

  Forum Editor 16:50 06 Aug 2005

if your budget permits.

You'll enjoy having more space - particularly for gaming - and as you say that weight isn't an issue there's no good reason to hesitate.

If gaming is of prime importance you'll need to pay careful attention to the rest of the machine specs however - make sure you go for as much RAM as you can afford. Try to see the particular model working before you buy (you probably won't be able to see the actual machine), and if you can, get a salesperson to run a game for you.

A decent laptop isn't a small investment, and it's worth taking time to make up your mind. One other thing - buy a small laptop mouse and a carry case with the computer. Take it from someone who uses a laptop every day - both are absolutely essential.

  Ancient Learner 16:58 06 Aug 2005

Thank you both. Very helpful indeed. I wasn't sure about the wider screen, now I am.

I had thought about the mouse. I once, only once, had the dubious pleasure of trying to use one of those integral mice and it nearly drove me mad! It never crossed my mind about a case though.

  HondaMan 17:53 06 Aug 2005

I have an AJP6000N with a 15.4 widescreen which will run at 1680X1050 although for general use I keep it at 1280X800. Its a good computer, reasonable battery life, Centrino 1.8Ghz with 512Mb ram and 60Gb HDD. My only wish would have been to upgrade the ram to 1 or even 2Gb, although it runs Photoshop CS2 with no problems

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