Laptop to run Sibelius and Cubase +photo editing

  chickenjools 19:58 20 Mar 2009

Any ideas for a laptop which will happily run Cubase, Sibelius Professional notation software and also be okay for photo editing with Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom?

My keyboard (piano keyboard) is too heavy to move to the main computers and I'm fed up with trying to get the rest of the family off them so a 'me only' computer would be good. However, I don't think I have the space for another desktop.

I'd like a reasonably large screen to enable me to read musical scores and also good enough for photo editing.

Don't really want to spend more than about £1500 and ideally quite a bit less than that.

Any ideas? All help gratefully received.

  Covergirl 22:39 20 Mar 2009

. . . and Sibelius 5 don't appear to make any extraordinary demands on processor or RAM so do you really need to pay up to £1500.

I would have thought £600 might have been tops but a decent set of external speakers might cost extra - but I would guess you will have those already.

  chickenjools 05:58 21 Mar 2009

I agree that the musical software doesn't seem to be demanding but photo editing raw files and storage does! Good point about speakers - I have amplified speakers that I use with my current non-computer music set up - and the other computers have their own speakers.

  KorgY 19:23 21 Mar 2009

fast hard drive is more important to cubase, 7200 RMB, rather than the usual 5400/4200 (i think), as on someVST programms, you get DFD (Direct from disk) loading of samples when there isn't enough Ram available. Samples £stream" from the hard drive, and with a slow laptop drive, it will suffer alittle (latency,stuttering-audio etc.

Aslo best to use a pc, wether laptop or desktop for Cubase alone, and not cubasse plus everything els


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