Laptop returned with no software

  kylie941 14:00 23 Nov 2009

I bought a compaq laptop from PC world in April 2009. It started running slow and freezing frequently shortly after and so in November I decided to contact them whilst I was still well within the 12 months. They sent an engineer to colelct the laptop and returned it a week later only for me to switch it on and to see that they have completely wiped it of all software. I had backed up all photos, documents etc expecting to loose these. I contacted them to explain and they said they when I purchased the laptopn I should have backed everything up onto a disk and it is not there responsibility to provide software. I expressed my concern and they then agreed to contact Compaq for Windows software but said they do not know how long it will be and as this is not their responsibility and they are doing this a a good will gesture the 28day money back etc will not count!Is this fair?I did not realise Windows could even be backed up onto a disk?

  jack 14:12 23 Nov 2009

Do a Google for

Essentially items sent for repairs sholud be return to you in the ame condition as sold.
Thats - operating system and any other installed material.
No contest.

  interzone55 14:34 23 Nov 2009

When a PC or Laptop is repaired the engineer often finds that Windows is just so cluttered that the simplest thing to do is run a full system restore to return it to it's original state.

This has the unfortunate side effect of wiping the system of all data and any software installed since the date of purchase.

I've lost count of the number of PCs that I've fixed simply by wiping the disc and starting afresh...

  jack 14:40 23 Nov 2009

I've lost count of the number of PCs that I've fixed simply by wiping the disc and starting afresh
Agreed -me two - but not before I have either made sure the owner has backed onto something[CD] or done it for them.
Kylie- had done that- from the post I gather the machine was returned-'empty'- No O/S

  oresome 14:47 23 Nov 2009

If I understand the original poster correctly, the laptop hasn't been returned to it's original as purchased state. All software including the operating system has been deleted and the laptop is no longer functional.

I can't see many, if any customers being happy receiving a laptop back from repair in that condition.

  Woolwell 15:16 23 Nov 2009

There is something odd about this. Compaq's come with a restore partition to restore to factory condition including Windows and drivers and all of the extra software HP package with it You are prompted to create a recovery disc as well. kylie941 should have one of these to return it to factory condition too. HP may supply one if it is missing. Of course all data (documents, photos, etc) and any extra installed programs would be wiped but discs should be held for those.
I would have thought PC World would have simply restored it to factory condition unless they replaced the hard drive.

  donki 15:48 23 Nov 2009

This sounds rather dodgey if I understand you correctly, basically they have returned your laptop with no OS? How exatcly did they want you to back up an operating system that was probably partitioned on your HD? Its imposible, I understand your agrivation as I can see the PC World staff basically saying it wasn't their problem, in some instances their ignorance to how things work is mind numbing.

Can you explain further what they mean by saying this is a good will gesture and your 28 days money back will no longer apply?

  kylie941 17:03 23 Nov 2009

They are saying that when I purchased the computer I should have backed everything up onto a disk. When I told them I wasnt even given a disk they said that not all models are provided with one. I do not think that even if I was provided with a back up disk it is my responsibility to back up the operating system! (

  amonra 17:06 23 Nov 2009

Another good advert for PCW. Keep them coming....

  kylie941 17:07 23 Nov 2009


(I did not even know it was possible to back up is?)

After 28 days after reporting the problem and the laptop still not in working order I should be entitled to a full refund or replacement. As it is not their responsibility to provide the software they are saying I will not be getting either of these as they are just requesting the disks from Compaq as a good will gesture but they do not know how long it will be. The 28 days from sending the laptop to them is up next week.

  interzone55 17:21 23 Nov 2009

Sorry, but when repairing PCs for a living we did not, under any circumstances back up a customer's data unless specifically asked to do so.

The customers were told to do this before returning the PC for repair.

We were not supposed to access the documents folders even to create backups. If a customer wanted a backup the PC was sent to a separate part of the service centre where management level employees would carry out the backup before sending the PC back to the benches for repair.

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