Laptop returned to manufacturer...

  prb 20:28 05 Jul 2007

Wonder if anyone can advise me. My 7 month old laptop has developed a hardware fault (soundcard not working). The shop I bought it from have also checked it out, and confirmed it to be a hardware issue, and so are returning it to the manufacturer for repair, meaning I will be without my laptop for the period it is away (at least 2 weeks).

Did I do the right thing letting them send it away, or couild I have demanded my money back on the basis it was not fit for purpose? It just seems bad that having bought something in good faith, it then turns out to be faulty, and I'm the one left without a computer.


  Jackcoms 20:40 05 Jul 2007

"on the basis it was not fit for purpose?"

Hardly likely. It worked for 7 months so, obviously, it had been fit for some purpose.

You want it fixed, so you sent it back to the manufacturer (under the terms of the basic 12 month guarantee, I assume).

Can't see that you had any other sensible option.

  Totally-braindead 21:36 05 Jul 2007

I have to agree with Jackcoms, I think the law is if it fails within 30 days you can demand a refund but outwith this and within the one year you are entitled to a repair not a refund.

  jimmybond 22:45 05 Jul 2007

These things happen. I spent a small fortune on a Rock laptop 3 months back, and already it's needed a motherboard replacement.

Annoying when you see that TV's/fridges etc. from the 60's can still be going strong 40 years later, and a £1600 laptop can't last 12 weeks ;-)

Still, I went with Rock because of their support reputation - I'd be panicking if I'd bought from mesh right now - and I think I'd have saved myself more aggro and just put the thing in the bin, if I'd got a Zoostorm from pcnextday ;-)

You'll have your machine back in a few weeks, if you demand a refund (not that you'd get it) then presumably you'll have to buy another one, and you'll be without a machine even longer. why stress about it?

  spuds 10:24 06 Jul 2007

After six months consumer law changes from 'the dealer as to prove' to 'you have to prove', that the item is 'not fit for the purpose'.Can be very difficult for both parties at times.

Considering the dealer as found a fault (after 7 months), and they are providing a repair. Then they have provided the necessary procedure under consumer law. Regarding the time factor for repair, comes under the heading of 'reasonable', this can be one day or possibly one month, depending on who or what is termed 'reasonable'. If the laptop is returned to you still faulty, then further negotiation with the dealer would perhaps be required.

You haven't mentioned the make of your laptop. If it is an Acer, then keep your eye on the situation, because some reports of Acer aftercare service can be rather nervy. Not always, but sometimes!.

  prb 13:44 06 Jul 2007

Thanks for your comments everyone, and also the warning spuds... yes it is an Acer!

  Evghenii 23:51 23 Apr 2008

Rock has the worst after sales service, and i can't say any good words about their laptops. This is my story:
When i received my new laptop the battery was not working. I sent it back and got it after 2 weeks.
I've got it back but: the battery was replaced with the used old battery. The battery holds less then 1 hour. There are scratches on it, and it seems to be from another machine, because the leg on the battery is shorter than on the laptop itself, so the machine vibrates when you type on it.
The screen quality is bad, screen is very dark even though brightness is at maximum level.
I wrote them letter, about it, they told me it should be sent for inspection, i asked them how to do it, they gave me a link, it wasn't working, i wrote them about it but no answer, another message-another link, again wrong. I posted a letter to the manager that i want a refund- more then two months later still no answer. It is now half a year that i am trying to solve this problem. I paid 2070 euro for this laptop and i dont use it(i am stil working on my old one, which is meant to be upgraded to this rock laptop). And the problem is still not resolved. Any advice?

  spuds 08:34 24 Apr 2008

Considering that the author of this thread as indicated their problem as now been resolved over nine months ago, and your problem concerns another manufacturer. I would suggest or perhaps offer advice that you start your own thread on your own laptop problems. This might bring a better response from the forum, and possibly a direct reply from Rock!.

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