Laptop replacement battery - extra Capacity

  hippo_oxford 12:14 12 Mar 2011

Hi, looking to buty a replacement battery for our HP G70 notebook.

Battery is 14 months old, but message keeps comming up saying internal battery capacity poor, and it does not last at all long as soon as it's unplugged from charger.

Query #1: Is there much benefit in buying a battery which has a higher capacity - e.g. a 9600mAh instead of a 4400 mAh.

Query #2: ( accepting I'll try and find feedback on the seller ) is there generally much difference beteen an HP original battery, and a 'Clone'

Query #3 ( last one! ): Also - once I've got the new battery - any advice on the best way to secure it's largest capacity / charge memory from start up - e.g. use and discharge a few times etc.?? Or is this no longer applicaabel to modern laptop batteries?

many thanks for any help,
: )

  ICF 16:16 12 Mar 2011

1 Higher capccity = longer times between charges.

2 I have bought a netbook battery from Ebay (China) no problems.

3 With Li-Ion batteries memory effect is not a problem.Charge battery fully before use.

  The Kestrel 14:44 13 Mar 2011

This looks a good buy from a reputable company and comes with a 3 year guarantee. click here

  hippo_oxford 22:51 15 Mar 2011

Hi the kestrel - thanks for suggestion.

new battery ordered,

I'll post a msg when it arrives.
: )

  HondaMan 09:49 16 Mar 2011

Li-ion batteries benefit from beinbg heavily used. Charge and discharge a few times and try never to let them "run out" of juice. They love being topped up frequently

  Steve Jone 14:50 23 Mar 2011

The website you gave is not a UK website, their ads are also cheating the consumers, actually the goods ware sent from China, my colleagues ordered ordered one batery from them, but it was very bad, they didn't refund the return postage to her though it was their faulty!! It costed 13 pounds to send back China!!!!!!!!

  hippo_oxford 14:58 23 Mar 2011

Yes - I've just gone to the websiet as the battery still had not turned up ( ordered on sunday 13th March )

the tracking number links me to Singapore postal service......

Now trying to find out from the shop what that means in terms of delivery time to sunny Oxford.

  Steve Jone 01:38 24 Mar 2011

I don't think they will tell you the shipping time as they didn't know that either, just will aks you keeping wait for your itme. I hope more people will know that bad website and won't order from them.

  hippo_oxford 14:58 24 Mar 2011

Hi - the shop replied to my e mail, saying

'You should receive it within one week more or less'.

probably fair to say if they made the delivery time clear on their website I would have thought twice about using them.....

so guess advice for all is ask the shop to confirm delivery before you order.

ah well....lets hope its a decent battery when it does get here....

: )

  Steve Jone 14:57 25 Mar 2011

Did you receive your order?

  hippo_oxford 16:11 25 Mar 2011

from the shop's reply - ...that I'll receive the in a week or so more, that means from ordering it on sunday 13th
so lets start the count from a working day = from Monday 14th.
they said I'll receive it around 31st march

so that gives a 17 day delivery - not great, especially for a dying laptop battery when need a repacement now.

( down to me for not checking brforehand )

Tempted to use the distance selling rules and reject it now and just settle for a more expensive, but UK supplied one?

- can anyone advise on the 'law' ( it was paid for via paypal if that makes any difference, funded by a debit card.

: )

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