Laptop Reccommendation

  Pumas 16:55 09 Jan 2004

After Multivision going bust yesterday I am yet againlooking for a centrino laptop. I am looking for the spec. 1.7GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 40/60GB Hard Disk (or more) and (about) 15" monitor. (or something close) with a dedicated graphics memory.

I can't find a system that matches this.

Any suggestions

  Forum Editor 17:46 09 Jan 2004

which is fairly important, but if you could put up with a faster processor you might find this
click here interesting. These are great machines, and I think they represent excellent value for money.

  Pumas 18:06 09 Jan 2004

I have a price point of around £1450. I'm really looking for a centrino system. I had a perfect match with the Multivision Nexus but that's gone now. Any other ideas?



  Pumas 18:09 09 Jan 2004


Just noticed the 802.11b capabilities. Yes this is a good machine but any more ideas are s welcome.

  Pumas 18:24 09 Jan 2004

On closer inspection it appers that the Advent 7027 is no longer avaliable?

  bfoc 18:25 09 Jan 2004

I was sorted but now(click here) need to go back to the thinking.

Not wanting to hijack your thread but I too would like a Centrino, my budget is up to £2000. I'm looking at the Evesham Cinebook.

  Pumas 23:29 09 Jan 2004

I have come across the following click here.

What does everyone think?

Is there a better deal out there still?



  Stormpool 09:23 10 Jan 2004

I bought a laptop from PCworld

PCworld have 1 yr warranty, laptop was out of action for 2 months - 5 problems in total (backlight failed, touchpad intermittant fault,button, overheating cdrom drive) now 1 month out of warranty the motherboard has become faulty. Shame I wasn't aware back then that if they don't repair a fault in 28 days i can have a replacement. As the sticky button took them 47 days (2 repairs) to fix from time of calling.

If I could do it again, I'd have bought from Evesham - convenience and 3 year warranty :o).

  Stormpool 12:44 10 Jan 2004

Oh yea that's a packard bell laptop.

  Pumas 14:17 10 Jan 2004

Any opinions on the acer?

  Pumas 19:51 12 Jan 2004


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