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  Loll_l 16:13 15 Aug 2007

I am a trade plate driver so I drive a number of different cars over long distances... I need a music player that will enable me to listen to mp3 and wma's whilst in these cars. I don't like wearing headphones or earplugs so will require something with loudspeakers.

As I am moving round and switching cars a lot I need something very light and compact that will fit in my bag so I was considering an ipod with some small speakers... but... recently the PSU in my home desktop PC has started to play up so I have now decided to buy a laptop instead that will hopefully both replace/backup my home PC and also work as a mp3 player whilst I am on the move.

Before purchasing a laptop I have a few questions:

1) The last time I looked at processor speeds it was very straight forward (the last PC i bought had a Pentium 4 2.7 GHz chip)... nowadays they are listed differently (eg. Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Processor T7700 (2.4GHz,4MB L2 Cache,800MHz FSB))... can somebody please explain to me the new format and how they compare with the old speeds?

2) As I am travelling round a lot it would be useful to connect to the internet whilst on the move (to get directions, check email etc)... Is there any way of connecting a laptop to the internet via a mobile phone?

3) As I will be playing music inside the car I will require very high sound quality from the laptop speakers... do such laptops exist or will I have to buy external speakers to get the best sound quality?

4) Somebody told me if I buy a laptop with Windows Vista that Vista does not allow you to connect to P2P programmes and file sharing clubs.... is this correct?

Below is a list of laptop spec's I am looking for:

- Compact and lightweight (easy to carry around whilst walking long distances)

- High sound quality so I can hear the music clearly in a car

- Very long battery life so I can play music all day

- Option to connect to internet via mobile phone (if possible)

- DVD/CD writer

Can anyone recommend the cheapest laptop that has all the above? It doesn't necessarily have to be new so if you can just give me a model number I will search on ebay.



  wjrt 16:27 15 Aug 2007

you can still buy a laptop and get a 12v 150watt inverter to plug in to car socket for power or what about something like this and an ordinary mp3 player
click here

  Loll_l 16:29 15 Aug 2007

cheers for the reply mate but the problem is my GPS is using the cars power socket.

  Loll_l 17:32 15 Aug 2007

plus i need a laptop as my home PC is playing up

  hereford456 17:55 15 Aug 2007

A friend does roughly the same with his laptop & using a vodafone PCIMAC card installed via his laptop. But he does pay about £50-70 pounds a month for it!
Either that or using a blackberry & a pair of external speakers?
The fact you cant use the power adaptor in the car means you need a good battery life, most laptops would probably give you a max of 3-5 hours before needed a new full charge.

If your still interested in a laptop try Novatechclick here

  Jimmy14 18:11 15 Aug 2007

Windows Vista does not stop you connecting to P2P networks. Some ISP's usually throttle ports to stop users downloading on P2P networks and torrent programs.

  pj123 18:44 15 Aug 2007

You need something like this. I have got one and it is brilliant.

click here

  Loll_l 19:00 15 Aug 2007

thanks for the suggestions but i've already looked through the alternatives and have decided i am definitely going to buy a laptop due to the fact it has many other uses and also i will need to use it when my desktop PC isn't working.

I'm not prepared to pay £50-£70 a month to connect to the net through my mobile so i guess i'm going to have to just forget that idea!

i was relcutant to get a laptop with vista on it because of what i had heard but if it's not a problem connecting to p2p and torrent programs i would probably prefer vista.

so the new spec list for the laptop looks like this:

- Compact and lightweight (easy to carry around whilst walking long distances)
- High sound quality so I can hear the music clearly in a car
- Very long battery life so I can play music all day
- DVD/CD writer

Any ideas where I can find such a laptop for as little money as possible? (used laptops will be considered)

  Anneluo 02:00 16 Aug 2007

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  Chris the Ancient 09:29 16 Aug 2007

Your car power socket in use? Get a splitter that will give multiple power sockets. I've seen them in Halfords and in Maplin. Then you can have more than one item plugged in.

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