Laptop purchase- Evesham, Lowcost, or Acer?

  Ben_uk 03:19 02 Aug 2005

I'm looking for a reasonable spec low price Laptop up to £699 inc vat etc. max. My own checks favour a 64-bit machine from Evesham who I know have a good reputation, their Lowcost offshoot seem to offer more for the money but can't see why. Acer seem to offer a high spec for low bucks, but wonder what the catch is. Any advice welcome also any other manufacturers worth looking at but not mentioned above. I don't have a lot of money so whatever I get has got to last and have good support if anything goes wrong.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:11 02 Aug 2005

I don't see the advantage of going for the 64bit processor; go with a standard one and you will get more for your money.

PCworld sometimes have good value Toshibas as do other online retailers. I've a Novatech laptop which I use on occasion and it is great.

  bosmere 14:21 04 Aug 2005

"Acer seem to offer a high spec for low bucks, but wonder what the catch is."

That's what I thought when I bought my Acer laptop 9 months ago. It recently suffered the BSOD, a phone call to Acer support and it was collected the same day. It was returned with an 80Gb HD - twice the original size.

I can't fault the after-sales support - and the laptop spec still does everything I want (wi-fi, firewire, DVD-RW et al).

  nicebloke 18:39 04 Aug 2005

be aware evesham "onsite" warranty is nothing of the sort it is simply a return to base warranty under another name, they are quick to throw the small print back at you, they want a 3 day window to pick up pc, onsite it is not

  LastChip 20:38 04 Aug 2005

Keep in mind, the higher power the processor, the lower the duration of battery life. If it's a machine that's going to be mainly used on a mains supply, that may not be a problem, but if it's for truly portable use, it could be a major consideration.

Today I bought a machine from click here and look for QuickFind 91167. On offer at under £420, it is brilliant value for what it is.

It maybe that you want to step up from that level of machine, but ask yourself; what am I really going to use it for? And the chances are, you will find it more than adequate. Incidentally, a very similar machine is on offer at my local Staples store for £599.

  interzone55 21:12 04 Aug 2005

You've mentioned a problem with Evesham onsite repair twice today...

Just because you've been let down doesn't mean this is the service everyone experiences.

Onsite repair is a very expensive service to offer, typically it costs between £60 & £100 to get arrange an engineer visit. For many reasons an onsite engineer will not be able to carry all the parts of your PC, so this would involve 2 visits. For this reason, if the telephone support staff cannot definately identify your problem they will call it back to base for a far more thorough repair than an onsite technician can offer.

As for the original question, coming from left field, have you considered an IBM laptop?
click here
They may not be the flashiest looking, or best specified, but they have fantastic screens and keyboards, and are well built. The one in the link is £415 at Dabs.


  24bitkid 22:52 04 Aug 2005

Just buy a Dell.

  nicebloke 04:00 05 Aug 2005

re "Onsite repair is a very expensive service to offer"

it is also a very expensive option to buy, if you buy it you should get it

  Methedrine 14:22 14 Aug 2005

Acer every time.

  Stuartli 14:52 14 Aug 2005

Acer is one of the world's largest laptop manufacturers and many of its products are rebadged under their own name by other companies.

  Magik ®© 17:03 14 Aug 2005

speaking of Evesham, I had a couple of faults with mine, and they could not do enough to sort it out.....the second time, I rang them to find out when the engineer was coming, and was told it was being replaced, first rate service....

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