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  Christina_T 02:39 04 Nov 2004

I just sent a message to the helpforum, but probably that was the wrong forum.
anyway, i wanna buy a laptop, a cheap one up to 800 GBP inc VAT, and I want it to be Intel P4. I found one on the net for 699, the Acer travelmate 2702 WLM1, but dunno whether its good or not
Does anyone know if that model is good?

Do you have any suggestions as to what to buy??

Thank you very much


  Chris..b 12:48 04 Nov 2004

I had my travelmate for about 30 days and it decided to fail on booting.

A call to acer, and i was told to return the laptop and that it would take about 10 days to repair.

11 days later i phoned them and they are still awaiting parts.

Theve had a huge backlog due to them changing where repairs are done.

But its the fact that they have no idea of when it will be fixed.

I would advice you to go for a dell instead, though they are not sold in shops and are only availible direct, all are made to your own specifications so you have a choice on what ssize hard drive you have as well as other options.

visit the website at click here

And there cheap

  Spanglish 13:05 04 Nov 2004

Though I do not own a LapTop a look at Morgans may assist click here
PS I have bought a large selection from them with no problems.

  jonnie-187464 16:24 04 Nov 2004

Christina, i was going to buy an Acer but decided against it because they are a cheap brand which dont have quality, it depends what you are going to use it for and how often you are going out with it.
Its up to you and your budget, if you can afford a bit more go for a toshiba, HP or Sony.
Take care Jonnie

  Taran 11:26 05 Nov 2004

I know a great deal of very satisfied Acer owners, both domestic and corporate.

Customer satisfaction is relative.

If you have a great experience you will remain loyal to a brand.

If you have a bad experience the world gets to hear about it.

This is no reflection on those people who post details of various problems, but it does illustrate the point that for every dissatisfied customer you hear about there are thousands of very satisfied people that you don't hear about.

No business could survive today if its customer base consisted of more unhappy buyers than satisfied product users.

A look through this forum makes interesting reading since all mainstream manufacturers have, at one point or another, come under fire for various reasons. Some of the criticisms are valid, others are due to breakdown of communication on one or both sides and some are just plain misunderstandings that got blown up out of all proportion.

All manufactured goods can fail and as long as you can accept that as a calculated risk, there is nothing wrong with choosing one vendor over another based on price.

I personally like Toshiba notebooks but I've owned, used, and been very happy for the most part with Dell, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Sony and one or two others. There have been various problems along the way over the years, but if you refer back to the above comment "All manufactured goods can fail..." and keep it in mind, when things do go wrong it becomes easier to be practical about it and just get on with having the issue(s) sorted out.

I'm currently considering a Mesh laptop as my next purchase, based on specification/price and a smattering of curiosity.

The short version of this is don't necessarily discount any one supplier. All of them, without exception, produce failures now and then, and a laptop is just the sum total of many manufactured parts, all of which have a broadly similar percentage chance of going wrong.

  TomJerry 11:58 05 Nov 2004

Most famous Brands of laptops are made by Acer.

Acer only decided to go directly to customer not very long ago. They are cheap and as good as any other famous brand, so many people buy from them, this is why so many backlog. As for problems, you have to look total number they are dealing with.

  Christina_T 13:10 05 Nov 2004

thanks guys for the advice!!
i think i gave up the idea of buying an acer...
the thing is that i want to use filemaker pro for my research and a lot of digital images and i was looking for a laptop that will not die after a year... cos my last laptop gave up on me after a year and it was hp.
anyway, im thinking of buying a toshiba tecra a2 (PTA 20E 02Z01YEN)now, for 683 exc VAT. any good?


  no-name 15:13 05 Nov 2004

Christina_T I go along with the comments of Taran and TomJerry. I recently bought an Acer and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread, but then it hasn't gone wrong yet! (fingers crossed)

I've owned three Mesh PCs (two currently) and I've never experienced a fault, but look at some of the threads on this forum and you would conclude that Mesh is an ogre of a company.

Again as Taran says "If you have a great experience you will remain loyal to a brand. If you have a bad experience the world gets to hear about it".

Just make sure that the specs of the laptop are what you require into the foreseeable future and that the price is in your range and then buy.

The vast majority of PCs/computers are trouble free.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:45 05 Nov 2004

Novatech are also worth a look; they have some excellent machines / prices.

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 15:46 05 Nov 2004

Novatech are also worth a look; they have some excellent machines / prices.

click here

  TomJerry 19:25 05 Nov 2004

Sony is, possibly, the one famous one makes some of its laptop range.

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