Laptop protection - something new?

  jack 14:51 01 Sep 2008

In my mail bag today one a my regular correspondents posted this

It is of possible interest to lappie owners that cart them around with them.

"I have spoken to Computrace, EMEA agent for this product in the UK about this product. It consists of a small module of software on each protected machine that sends a very short message containing connection details to periodically when an Internet connection is available. If the machine is stolen the owner contacts the organisation and a complex but fairly rapid process between them, the Police and Internet Service Providers can locate the area or actual location of where the PC was in use. During the search the software on the PC is triggered into more frequent transmissions to aid its quicker recovery in the event of the PC being relocated.

I was particularly by how resistant to removal] this software appears to be. [sic] In a regular PC it can withstand a regular reformat and system reinstallation and in some makes of PC it is incorporated in the hardware and completely un-removable.

I asked if a group licence was available for a group like our U3A branch but there is not – all pricing is at the unit level (unlike the US licences). There is, however, a version that can be administered for a group of people, like U3A AV, but to no cost advantage. As the administration only consists of checking from time to time that the location messages are actually being sent this seems like a big personal overhead for an individual.

pricing is worked out as £20 year 1, £18 year 2 etc. …

I should add that the product works on any PC or Apple machine – not just laptops, but they are, of course, at the greatest risk.............
A Google gave this URL
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  spuds 16:31 01 Sep 2008

Isn't this something similar to what was available a few years ago. If it is, then the previous system didn't seem to gain much interest at the time.

  jack 19:39 01 Sep 2008

Ii is new to me - not being a lappie owner/lover it would not have come to my notice particularly

  spuds 20:00 01 Sep 2008

I have had a quick look, this could be something of a similar nature and free.
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