Laptop problems with PC World

  robinhood_1984 15:52 16 Jun 2007

Hello all,

Today (Saturday 16th of June 2007) I took the laptop to pc world which I purchased right at the end of Dec 06. Last week the screen developed a problem in which there is a line going from side to side about one third of the way down, with a different contrast above and below. Anyway, after waiting about 45 minutes in the queue I was merely told that I had to ring the "Tech Guys" who'd come out to collect my laptop and repair it for me. I pointed out that I didn't spend £900 to be left without a laptop for 28 days such as happened to my brother two months ago and requested he replaced it in the store, he point blankly refused which I had expected him to do anyway.

My question is, is ringing this number for the tech guys my only option? The thought of being without the laptop right until the 28 day deadline is up is a nightmare. I work away all week as a truck driver and not only do I rely on my laptop for entertainment reasons ie TV and internet, but its also used for all sorts of things relating to my work.

My main concern is that as I'm away all week and its totally impossible to see/speak to anyone about it during the week, I'm just going to get sucked in and never get this sorted out.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Dizzy Bob 15:56 16 Jun 2007

Average turn around for laptop repairs from TG is 7-10 days including courier.

THe 28 days is a maximum, after which the laptop would be replaced if the repair has not been completed. It is unusual to reach 28 days unless a part is proving difficult to source.

Have you tried asking if they have a unit that they could loan you? It is not 'usual' but a polite approach may work.

Which branch are you dealing with?


  robinhood_1984 16:07 16 Jun 2007


I did ask if there was absolutely anything he could offer me, to which he simply responded "Sorry, nothing at all, all you can do is ring this number". The branch I'm dealing with is the one at Grimsby, the same one I bought the laptop from.

I'm perfectly happy with the laptop, I have no interest in trying to get something better out of this but I am concerned that if it did come down to a replacement, I'd be fobbed off with something with a lesser spec etc. Would they have to give me a direct replacement based on specification or could they give me something less due to the fact I've had this one almost 7 months now?

  Forum Editor 16:14 16 Jun 2007

defective within six months of purchase there's a presumption that they were defective when they were bought, in which case the seller is in breach of contract (Section 14 Sale of Goods Act).

You're not entitled to reject the computer and get a full refund because you had it for a while before the fault developed. Instead, you're entitled to have it repaired, or replaced if repair of the goods would be disproportionate, impossible, or would "cause you significant inconvenience." The problem is that the law doesn't define 'significant inconvenience', and you would have to go to court to get a ruling as to whether it applied in your case.

There'll be a manufacturer's guarantee with your laptop, and it might provide for replacement in the event of the machine being faulty. It's worth checking the terms of the guarantee very carefully to find out whether this is, in fact, the case. Otherwise, do as Dizzy Bob suggests, and see if there's a loan machine available. Don't bank on it, though.

  wee eddie 16:22 16 Jun 2007

These repair boys frequently start by seeing if the problem is software related, which probably means that the content of you Hard Drive going up in smoke.

You are meant to take care of your information and there us no come-back if it is lost.

  robinhood_1984 16:28 16 Jun 2007

This garuntee, where would I find that? In the box the laptop came in it has several booklets and leaflets, one titled "International Limited Warranty for Notebooks" and has small print in several European languages. I have absolutely no understanding of the law with regards things like this, I just assumed that I automatically had a 12 month garuntee and this was enforced by my receipt?

  Forum Editor 16:47 16 Jun 2007

is normally offered by the manufacturer, not by the retailer. Your legal relationship with the retailer is well-covered by current consumer law, and it's not normal for retailers to offer anything further. If they do, it will be in addition to your rights in law, and cannot prejudice them. Your contract is with the retailer, not the manufacturer, and normally you should approach the retailer in the first instance.

The manufacturer's warranty is in respect of the manufacture of the goods, and wouldn't normally be something you would need to invoke. There can sometimes be advantages to contacting the manufacturer directly however, and this may be one of them. It's worth a try, because you have nothing to lose.

  robinhood_1984 17:32 16 Jun 2007

So what is the procedure with ringing the 'Tech Guys' and having them collect the laptop? How do I package the thing, is the 28 days from the time they collect it, or from when they allegedly receive it? If an independent courier meerely turns up to collect it, without sending along my receipt, how do they even know its under garuntee etc? I'm sure this is all very basic stuff to most of you, but these little details are all part of the worry for me.

  MrNerdy 17:38 16 Jun 2007

Some Tech Guys shops have opened up in local towns, see if your near one?

  pcw Manager!!??! 18:18 16 Jun 2007

hi, Dead simple, ring them up. They will book Parceline to collect who will issue you a with a barcode tracking receipt. It will be there next day at latest. You would be wise to back up data though in case they restore operating system.

  Dizzy Bob 18:39 16 Jun 2007


As pcw Manager!!??! states, it is pretty easy. Another option for you as i guess you are away a lot is to book it in at the store PC Clinic, and have the collection and return done there so as to cause you less inconvenience.

If it comes to raplecement this is normally done through a 'refund-resell' process, so you would generally have the same amount to spend as originally (bear in mind how specifications have improved in your price bracket)

Absolute worst case scenario is a like for like replacement.

As pcw Manager!!??! states, it is a very good idea to back up all data first.


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