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  DrScott 08:08 20 Apr 2006

I can't quite believe it, but I actually think I've been impressed by PCW! Having avoided their stores like the proverbial plague for years, I ventured in yesterday to buy an emergency replacement laptop (the video chip in the old lappie dying mid-wedding planning!!!)

Having looked in a few stores I stumbled across and Advent 7093 which on paper looks like a bit of a bargain at £799. Now I was a little peeved when I chose it, and then to be told they had none in stock. However, the chap who worked there was very helpful and suggested I look at the website, and even gave me the direct store number so I could call to find out if any had come in.

Rather despondent I trotted off to a friend's house to use his PC and managed to find the nec laptop using the collect at store thing at a different, but relatively nearby, shop. Cup of tea, in the car, pick up the new laptop (and an excellent akasa 2.5" drive enclosure), and back up for a slap up dinner.

What got me was how helpful everyone was, and how efficiently the system seemed to work! So well done to everyone concerned :o)

  DrScott 08:19 20 Apr 2006

The Advent 7093 itself on first use is rather neat. It has a 15" widescreen and yet only weighs 2.7kg (with battery). It's a core duo CPU - i.e. brand new - with 1GB of RAM, 128MB dedicated NVidia graphics, 80GB HDD, DVD R/W, wireless, SD card reader, 4 USB ports, LAN, and shipped with XP Home. Also has a DVI port plus S-video.

Pros: CHEAP (for such a new CPU)! Light(ish), lots of features. £799 inc VAT (my 3 year old Pentium M Acer cost £1700 at the time - and has just died...)

Cons: keyboard is a bit clackety, and the screen colours are a little subdued

Haven't really tested out battery life yet - I'd expect it to be relatively good with this CPU though.

The other negative thing about Advent PCs is that support for them is rather expensive (£1 per minute), plus only 1 year manufacturers warranty. Plus you have to burn your own recovery CDs using the provided software. Oh and I haven't found anywhere for BIOS updates :o(

Still, if you know a bit about computers and are happy doing most things yourself, and won't need to call for software support, then I think this laptop is an absolute bargain. It looks quite pretty too! And I still can't get over the fact I'm singing the praises of PCW!!!!

  spuds 11:20 20 Apr 2006

How much did the store and website prices compare. Usually a good saving on 'collect from store', which could perhaps cover a new case!.

  DrScott 11:25 20 Apr 2006

Both were the same price :o(

  rusty149 18:56 17 Sep 2006

Dose this laptop have one of those shiny screen things? in other words not tft i think its lcd maybe when its like that im not sure?!

  DrScott 19:01 17 Sep 2006

thought this thread was long since dead!

Yep it has a nice shiney screen, and is still working fabulously since purchase. I daresay it's considerably cheaper at the moment!

  sean-278262 19:03 17 Sep 2006

click here

Is this the same machine? What type of nvidia graphics does it have. Dedicated or on board. Sorry to sound horrid but it doesnt sound like much of an amazing deal. 80Gb is average but at £800 you expect 100 or 120. 15inch and not a wide screen isnt that bad but you expect it at this price.

I can find no other reference to it otherwise.

  DrScott 19:06 17 Sep 2006

It's certainly come down in price, but in April it was good value as it was one of the first computers to have a dual core CPU!

From your link it shows you that it has a dedicated graphics chip, as well as widescreen...

at £400 it's even better value!

  sean-278262 19:07 17 Sep 2006

Ignore me I never read thread dates and didnt read the thread that much either. Rusty the term you refer to is unique to each make, X-brite crystal bright to name just 2. As for the comment about tft and lcd they are one and the same.

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