Laptop owners

  Phphred 18:29 22 Aug 2006

This may be of interest to those of you who travel with your laptops.
click here

  Phphred 18:33 22 Aug 2006

or perhaps here click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:55 22 Aug 2006

1, There is no guarantee Zapeze will be able to run the erase command on your laptop, if it gets stolen.

2, Even if the erase command is sent and received, you do not know if it was able to complete the task.

3, They do not tell you to what standard the data is erased. Total destruction of data requires multiple overwrites.

  Phphred 19:02 22 Aug 2006

Once you have issued the "wipe data" command, you can check the status of your stolen computer any time you like from within your account on our server. You can see immediately when the command has been received by the stolen computer, setting your mind at ease. Insurance can always replace the hardware, but you have the security of knowing your personal data is completely wiped out.
Copy from website

and as they say in the pragraph previous to this one "Nothing in this life is certain except death and taxes"

  Noldi 20:08 22 Aug 2006

"you can check the status of your stolen computer any time you like from within your account on our server".

our server meaning as in the company you are trying to advertise server?.

  ade.h 20:17 22 Aug 2006

You've been a member for a while now; have you never bothered to read the forum guidelines PDF? Since it became available, there's no excuse for trying it on.

  Phphred 20:21 22 Aug 2006

ade.h Enlighten me!!

  roy 20:50 22 Aug 2006

Surely you are jumping the gun with your remarks. Although Phphred did not use quotation marks he obviously copied the paragraph from the website and indeed said so himself.

There is no suggestion that he is concerned in any way with the website.


  ade.h 20:55 22 Aug 2006

That's not how it comes across. He has made no attempt to state from the beginning that he is not involved in this company or knows its owner/proprietor personally.

And don't criticise me for raising the msae question that Noldi has raised.

  ade.h 20:58 22 Aug 2006

If you have no relation to this comapny, then you should have stated as much at the start. Otherwise, with the tone of your post and the lack of comment, you risk being grouped with the many attempts at personal promotion that we see on this forum.

If you are not involved in this company in any way and do not have any relationship with the people who run it, then you have my apologies and a retraction. But do not blame me or anyone else who comes to that conclusion based on your opening and second posts.

  Phphred 21:15 22 Aug 2006

I did not know that we had to make declarations of our interests; but a blind man on a galloping horse would know that I was quoting from their site (Copy from Website). I had only just found the page whilst looking at that site for a DU meter and thought that it might be of interest to owners of laptops. I think that you are making a mountain out of a mole hill!!

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